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Black Ops Hypnosis - Using Hot Words To Take Control Of Others


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In hypnosis, the words you use are crucial. Pick the wrong words, and you won't get the right emotion out of the person; pick the right words, and you can make someone do just about anything you want. This is called “precision language".

As we start looking at precision language, the first concept that I want to talk about is what I call “hot words". Now, take these two sentences as an example. . .

"The infant perished in the flames. "

And secondly,

"The baby burned to death. "

Now, those are both pretty grim statements - but notice how the second one impacts on you emotionally much more powerfully than the first one did.

That's because the second sentence is packed with what I call “hot words", even though it says basically the same thing as the first sentence. These are words that have emotional undertones which are packed into the word itself.

Let's just look at those three words to find out how they work:

  • Infant.
  • Perish.
  • Flames.
  • These are three words which themselves are pretty neutral in content. This is, by the way, how all doctors speak in order to keep themselves at a distance from their patients so that they don't become emotionally involved in their problems. On the other hand, in the second sentence:

  • The baby
  • Burned
  • To death.
  • These are three very heavily ladened terms which, in our culture, people respond to in a very powerful way. These tend to be universal hot words, in other words, in a particular culture like the western culture of both America and Europe.

    The interesting thing is that a lot of people have learned over time to use emotionally disengaging language in order to protect themselves from other people's reactions. The classic stereotype of this is the university professor or the scientist that is very intelligent, but speaks in such alien language that no one really understands what he is talking about.

    Just think of how doctors talk to you without using hot words, or how lawyers talk in a neutral way to stop people from getting too emotional. Hot words are all around us, and if you know when to use them it can make hypnosis a lot easier.

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    Black Ops Hypnosis Four Things You May Not Have Considered
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