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How To Use Hypnotic Theme's To Influence Anyone You Want


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While words are obviously very powerful, a second important element you need to master is hypnotic themes. This is basically a general activity or an idea which has hypnotic characters built into it.

What kind of activities do I mean? Take a few examples:

You might be at the cinema, totally absorbed in the film that you are watching, going through the highs and lows, the emotional experiences of the characters. Have you been to the theater and been so riveted by the drama unfolding on stage that you lost your own sense of awareness?

Perhaps you've been a runner and noticed that when you are running everything else seems to disappear and it's just you and the rhythm that you are building.

Perhaps you like to sit down and read a book at night and enjoy the quiet as you get absorbed in the story line and everything else around you seems to fade away. Notice that each one of these experiences, again, has the hypnotic elements, the four stages of the hypnotic protocol built into it. But this time you have the wider experience.

When you give rich sensual descriptions of some of the processes like lying on a beach or going hiking in the woods, what you are really doing is you are talking about a hypnotic theme.

The more that you talk about this hypnotic theme the more someone's mind gets engaged in that theme. The more their neurology begins to activate all the right staging posts, the four stages of the hypnotic protocol. And a form of trance will begin to be activated.

These trances will not necessarily be the kinds of things that you see on stage or TV where people just slump over in their chair, although that can happen.

Normally, there is a bit of social programming involved which means people will remain open-eyed and at least smiling or nodding in some way even though you will notice that the eyes become a little bit more glossy perhaps.

The pupils will dilate slightly, and their breathing will regulate.

So use hypnotic themes in all of your communications because they're very, very powerful things. They set the scene in a very powerful way for the rest of your conversational hypnosis skills to really make an impact.

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