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How To Use Hypnotic Words To Dominate Others


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Something I really want to talk about here is hypnotic words. Now, hypnotic words are a specific kind of hot word (i. e. something that gives rise to a certain emotion) which is designed to cause trance or begin the process of trance in someone else.

In case you don't already know, the hypnosis process goes like this:

1. We start off with the absorption or fixation of attention.
2. Then we move on to bypassing the critical factor,
3. Getting an unconscious response,
4. And finally using that unconscious response.

Now, hypnotic words can work at any one of those four stages to recreate that experience. Here's what I mean by that. . .

Take words like fascination, focus, hypnosis and mesmerized. What do all of these things have in common? Let's look at some of them.

Key Insight 1: Hypnotic Words Revivify Experiences

In order to understand how a word works, you need to actually activate the experience to a certain extent.

If I say to you the word relax, the only way that you can understand it is for you to go inside and access all of the memories that you have. And guess what? That means to have feelings of relaxation.

You have memories of maybe being at a party where you were relaxed. You have maybe memories of lying on a beach, the sound of the surf. All of these different memories come together in a big memory cluster which is focused on that single word “relax". In the same way, hypnotic words revolve around hypnotic ideas.

The first stage of the hypnotic protocol is to fixate or absorb someone's attention. So any word that implies the fixation of their attention will already begin to activate inside someone's neurology the very trance responses that you want for the first stage of the protocol.

So write down as many different words as you can that imply the word fascination, focus, curiosity, riveted, mesmerized or hypnotized. You see how all of these words have the same kind of connotations in taking the same directions.

Key Insight 2: Use Hypnotic Words In Layers

By themselves, hypnotic words may only begin the process of trance.

But when you begin to put them into things like inductions, direct or indirect, they will begin to loop around these themes over and over again and begin to create something very powerful. Because the more you layer hypnotic suggestions in different formats, the more someone will access that particular experience.

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Cameron Taylor runs Underground Hypnosis Review . He has extensive experience as a professional hypnotist, and can guide you in the right direction when it comes to hypnosis. Visit his site now for some of the best hypnosis products on the planet.


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