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How To Easily Implement Language Patterns And Become A Persuasive Powerhouse

Blaz Banic

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Writing, learning and practising language patterns is one thing. But actually going through with a language pattern when talking to another person is quite something else.

I had this problem for a long time. I learned almost everything there is to know about language patterns. I read numerous such patterns from other people and learned them by heart. I also wrote some of my own patterns, but when it was time to use them in the real world somehow I couldn't bring myself to doing it.

Sometimes I thought it would seem unnatural, other times I thought I'd get caught, still others I didn't know how to transition into the pattern. It went on for a very long time.

Then one day, actually in the evening, I was coming back home from library where I was studying. I went on the bus and instantly noticed a girl I barely knew, sitting near the front of the bus. She was very good looking and completely absent. . . she was staring out of the window and didn't notice anything going on around her. The bus was almost completely empty, there was an older man sitting way at the back.

So. . . I decided to talk to her. I approached her from her front right and said: “Hello. "

She didn't respond. So I repeated myself: “Hi, how are you?"

She noticed that something was going on and slowly and confused looked at me. When we made eye contact, she smiled politely as if she remembered who I was and said: “Oh, hi. I didn't see you. I'm fine, you?"

I took the opportunity and sat on the seat in front of her. I said: “Fine, I was just at the library studying. Where were you?"

She said: “I went downtown for some window shopping and got together with my friend" (we both smiled).

I said: “Nice. . . It got really cold this evening, didn't it?"

She: “Yeah, when I went out, it was still warm and I didn't think of bringing more clothes. It's really chilly. . . "

Then I saw my chance. . . I decided to do a pattern on her. But I wasn't sure which one and what I wanted to get her to feel. So I made one up as I went along. I very quickly decided to make her feel very comfortable and warm, so I continued: “Yeah, when I was in the library it was so nice and warm. . . "

I begun to lower my voice and besides getting into the experience myself, I started to talk a bit more slowly. I noticed that the corners of her mouth slightly elevated and she was about to smile gently, so I continued: “. . . You know when you seat there. . .completely comfortable. . . no one around to bother you. . . and you start to feel that wonderful warmth surrounding you. . .completely focused and relaxed. . . feeling wonderful. . . as if you were in a wonderful golden bubble that protected you and gave you that sense of tranquility and warmth. . . "

By this time her pupils widened beyond everything I ever saw. She gently tilted her head to her right, got a wonderful smile on her face, started to glow and to lean towards me. This being the first time I actually brought myself to doing it, I was amazed at how well it worked and got completely freaked out. For some (stupid) reason I suddenly wanted her to snap out of it, so I continued: “. . . But then I walked out of there and BOOM (I snapped my fingers) I was so cold I couldn't believe it. "

When I snapped my fingers, she startled, her face got normal again and it was as if she just woke up. She very briefly oriented herself and said: “Yeah, I know what you mean. "

I was so amazed at the experience that I didn't remember anything else to say. Fortunately her stop was approaching and she said: “This is my stop", she smiled, stood up and went to the door. Then to my surprise, she turned back to me and said: “A few friends of mine and me are going to the club this evening. You should come, it'll be fun!"

I didn't expect this. Keep in mind, this girl was gorgeous. I wasn't used to this kind of treatment from such women back then. So I replied: “Cool. Maybe I'll come. But I'm not sure I'll have the time"

The door was opening by then and while going off the bus, she quickly said: “Well, I hope I'll see you there. Bye, see you!"

I just smiled and waved at her.

Now. . . did you see how easy it is to start a language pattern in a conversation? First, you have to know them and practise them out loud. Second, know you won't get caught using them! I've been doing this for many years now and was never ever confronted for using a language pattern. Never.

Third, decide what exactly is your outcome. What do you want a person to feel.

Fourth, go for it. State a word or a sentence that describes the outcome ("Before it was so nice and warm. . . "). Then use a binding phrase, like “you know. . . " or “like when. . . " or something and then go into the pattern, vividly describing what you want that person to feel.

This is just one example, but you get the idea. Play with this, it's really worth it.

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