Hypnosis - What Is It And How Can It Help You?


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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis has a long history dating back at least to the 18th Century, although its use has been known about for thousands of years. Hypnosis is a process that involves both a hypnotist and a subject who has agreed to be hypnotized. Hypnosis is a process in which the critical thinking faculties of the mind are bypassed and a kind of selective thinking and perception is established. Hypnosis can be applied to a large range of both psychological and physical ailments, not being restricted to purely psychological phenomena.

Provided it is conducted under the care of trained therapist hypnosis can be considered safe as a complementary and alternative medicine treatment. The simplest way to describe how hypnosis works is to say it avoids the critical censor of the conscious mind, which often defeats what we know to be in our best interests. It's not something imposed on people, but rather something that they do for themselves. Hypnosis has less to do with the hypnotist's technique but more to do with the individual's capacity or talent for experiencing hypnosis.

What Can Hypnosis Treat?

Hypnosis can be used for treating most conditions including migraine, asthma, enuresis, obesity, hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, and anxiety and smoking cessation. It can be used both independently as well as along side other treatments. Hypnosis is most effective when two important factors are present: The patient is highly motivated to overcome their problem and when the hypnotist is well trained in both hypnosis as well as general considerations that relate to the treatment of the particular problem.

Cautions With Hypnosis

As with all treatments if you are considering hypnosis as a treatment for a problem it would be wise if you were to first obtain a referral from your health care professional. One very appropriate use of hypnosis is in the treatment of cancer when it is used as a complement to standard medical treatments, like chemotherapy, with the aim of enhancing the patient's quality of life while they are going through the treatment progress. As a caution, before embarking upon such a treatment, it is important that a neurological examination is undertaken to be sure that the pain is not the result of an undiagnosed, organic origin.


Hypnosis has been known to provide the power to quit smoking, boost confidence, gain motivation, experience easy weight loss and overcome fears. In many ways hypnosis is seen as the easy, safe and effective way to deal with life's challenges. It can help create an increased sense of happiness, decrease stress and distress. Hypnosis can even be substituted for light anesthesia during surgery, induce a profound state of relaxation and as a pain-reduction technique. There are many other things hypnosis can be used for but the ones mentioned in this article are just some of the more common ones.

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