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Michael A Verdicchio

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You’ve heard people tell you, “It changed my life!” You’ve heard commercials promise, “It will change your life!” Someone once told me that a movie changed her life!

I remember a number of years ago when a young lady told me that the movie she had seen recently changed her life. I thought that it must be a pretty powerful movie if it is changing people’s lives. I didn’t realize at the time that there is no movie that can change your life.

As a matter of fact, there is no book, no course, no quote, no, not even a movie that can change your life.

You may be inspired and motivated by something you hear, or read, or see. And, as a result you decide to change the way you think. When you decide to change what you are thinking, that is when your life will start to change. That’s why; nothing or no one else is ever going to change your life except you.

Yes, you! You can change your life!

That's not just some positive reinforcement statement to give you some courage to try. The reason you can do it is because of how the Creator designed our brains to work.

It is no secret that there are some people are successful and there are some people who are not? Is that just fate or chance, or, as some would have you to believe, predestination? Are some people just destined to succeed, while others are destined to fail? No. As hard as it may be to face it, your current situations and circumstances are directly related to your thoughts.

You may not be all too thrilled about where your life is right now. But just as your thoughts got you where you are today, it will be your thoughts, and your thoughts alone, that will determine where your lifewill be tomorrow.

Most people just float through life. They take what comes at them and just hope for the best. Far too many people simply do not take charge of their lives. But you really can take charge of your life by taking charge of your thoughts.

Have you noticed that people who are consistently negative think totally different thoughts than people who are consistently positive? And have you noticed that the results in their lives are also totally different. Wow - is that an amazing coincidence? No.

What about goals? Some people who reach their goals and others do not. Are those who reach their goals just lucky? Do you ever wonder just what is going on in their brains? Well, what's going on in your brain? That is absolutely vitally important because it will determine your success or failure.

If you don't like where your life is right now, then start changing your thoughts.

It may take a little effort and you may feel awkward at first. But be assured, just like the law gravity works no matter who tries it, our brains work with the same accurate precision. We are all a product of our own thoughts.

If you are waiting for some special course, or a dynamic book, or even a movie to change your life, you’ll be waiting a lifetime.

I am highly in favor of motivation and inspiration. They can help you by pointing you in the right direction. They can show you how to think successful thoughts. They can show you where your thoughts are defeating you. But no one can think your thoughts except you. And that takes a decision on your part. Make the right decisions and you will indeed change your life!

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