Are You A Procrastinator?


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What is the dictionary definition of a procrastinator? It is one who delays, defers action, puts off until another day. At some point in our lives all of us have probably procrastinated over something we needed to do. This is human nature.

And. . . it is especially true if the task to be done is disagreeable.

Have you ever noticed that we somehow find time to do those things which we enjoy much easier that we find time to do things we dislike doing? In reality, once we get the disagreeable items finished and out of the way the agreeable items become much more enjoyable.

This is so because we no longer have those nagging thoughts about things left undone. Our minds are clear to enjoy the pleasanter things we wish to do.

Perhaps the greatest cause of procrastination is fear. We put off doing that which we fear. In some aspects fear is very similar to worry. Think back through most of the things about which you worried and you will find they never came to pass. It was needless worry on your part.

In a similar vein, when you face those things you fear you will find that the fear fades away as a fog during the morning sunshine. Other than fear of things which are life threatening, fear is of no value. The only substance it has is that which we give it of our own accord. Fear has been aptly called False Evidence Appearing Real. It only exists when we give it reality.

What is the point of this article? It is to face your fears and they will disappear. Admit when you are procrastinating about doing something and just go ahead and get the thing done and remove it from your thoughts.

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Finding Time by Taming Your Rebellious Procrastinator: 3 Tips
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