Overcome Fear: You'll Miss All The Shots You Don't Take


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A lot of folks are petrified at the mere thought of making an attempt. They believe they will not make it. They believe they don’t have what it takes to make it, hence there was no point trying.

How do you know what you are good at, if you don’t try? If you are so sure you will fail, then why not fail in style, by trying. If you try, you have a chance of making it. If you do not try, your chance of making it is zero.

There are odds, for and against, in every undertaking. What is the point rigging the odds against you, instead of going against the odds. By staying put, you have ensured that you do not make it. You did not make it, not because you failed, but because you failed to try.

Any time we contemplate stepping outside our comfort zone to go do something worth while, something that will impact the society positively, something we have been dreaming about doing, all our fears rear up their ugly heads. We begin to simulate all manners of “what if" scenarios. Why dream up obstacles, real and imagined. We never stop to think that most of the things we are afraid of never come to pass.

We dwell on what we don’t want, rather than what we want. And since we dwell on what we don’t what, that is what usually happens…what we don’t want.

In life, nothing ventures, nothing wins. We increase the odds in our favor when we stand up and take a shot. We become better at it as we take more shots. We learn from our past mistakes and become better. Sometime soon, when opportunity meets with preparation, we get to take a clean shot at the bull’s eye.

Some folks complain of lack of opportunities. You can create one yourself, or be prepared for it when the next one shows up. If you are not prepared, you will not recognize one, right under your nose. It may come dressed in work clothes, and walk right by, while you keep looking.

You get to miss all the shots you don’t take. To increase your odds, gather up your courage, put away your fear and attempt something. It is better to fail at something, than to succeed at nothing!

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