What Google Can Teach You About Success


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I just finished dinner and the segment was about to start so I went over to the TV.

The reporter was interviewing the 2 founders, they showed the company headquarters, and THEN they brought up something where I said BINGO.

Here's what caught my attention.

For quite a few years I was going nowhere. I had all the ideas in the world, but never did anything with them.

I procrastinated (a ton).

Fear was holding me back.

I was scattered.

(This wasn't a fun time in my life. )

But, THEN things began to change BECAUSE of this ONE SUCCESS Principle. And this is the same SUCCESS PRINCIPLE that has helped Google soar.

Paraphrasing 60 minutes (the TV Show) last night.

Google Founders:

"Everything we do we start in BETA (BETA means a test).

For all our projects, we just get it out there, get it going, where it's at a ‘C’ level and then we get feedback on what people like, don't like, and then we go from there. "

Here's what Google was really saying and here's the success principle that changed my life.

"YOU don't have to get it right, you just have to get it going. "

(Read this again. )

I used to wait until everything was perfect and fear stared at me and I didn't move.

This was for many years.

But then I decided to JUST GET GOING.

Think about it this way.

In school, we get graded, A, B, C and D.

As a trader, investor or market maker, even when your trading ideas are at a ‘C’, you should still get it GOING!

Then, find out which trading strategy you like/dislike and improve it.

It sounds so simple, but most people have 10 pounds of cement holding their ideas hostage.

Successful entrepreneurs and traders get going!

It's the only way to TRULY get wisdom and experience.

Ask yourself this question:

What have I been putting off, procrastinating about, that I can just get going today?

Are you currently trading the currency market but have yet to find a workable trading strategy?

Have you yet to even consider what this now in vogue market, the foreign exchange (FOREX) can do for your pocketbook?

THINK ABOUT THIS. What if you cud not only “get it going" but, thru 2 people who have *been-there-done-that*, could *get it right* almost immediately?

Thru Rapid Forex's self-study manuals you can.


Nigel Owen is a 36 yr old Englishman living in North Wales! Married with three children and a highly motivated individual who decided 3 years ago that he should retire at the age of 40. Through Network marketing and the internet he is working towards his goal.

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