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Leanne Hoagland-Smith

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For years, many of us heard the phrase “Knowledge is Power. " We actively devoured books upon books to advance our knowledge in the hopes of gaining power. Some of us even adopted the attitude that I can learn anything from a book. Yes, knowledge is powerful, but knowledge alone will not advance you to that next level of success, whatever it is.

Until, individuals apply knowledge, their lives will not change. For real power lies in the ability to take knowledge from books and life experiences and apply it to achieve the desired end results. Applying knowledge sounds simple, but it is not necessarily easy. This may help to explain why a recent search on an Internet bookstore revealed over 15,000 books in and around the subject of self-improvement.

To improve your capacity to apply knowledge revolves around your capability to consistently set and achieve your goals. Of course, these goals are focused on your desired end results. Unfortunately, again, many individuals are get goal setters, but poor goal achievers.

Possibly, the following may help you:

1. Define your desired results.

2. Write your goal down.

3. Hone your expertise if needed.

4. Work your plan and plan your work.

5. Just do it!

And the next time you hear “Knowledge is Power, " maybe you will now say, “It ain’t so!"

Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M. S. President of ADVANCED SYSTEMS, is the Process Specialist. With over 25 years of business and education experience, she builds peace and abundance by connecting the 3P’s of Passion, Purpose and Performance through process improvement. Her ROI driven process solutions affect sustainable change in 4 key areas: financials, leadership, relationships and growth & innovation with a variety of industries. She aligns the strategies, systems and people to develop loyal internal customers that lead to external customers. As co-author of M. A. G. I. C. A. L. Potential:Living an Amazing Life Beyond Purpose to Achievement due for June 2005 release, Leanne speaks nationally to a variety of audiences. Please call Leanne a call at 219.759.5601 or email if you are seeking amazing results.

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