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This is my mathematical strategy I use to achieve everything I want in life. Allow me to explain…

Now when I was suffering with anxiety and panic disorder I did spend some time just wishing and hoping it would disappear. Actually I really wanted it to take a long walk off a short pier. And I wouldn’t have been sad if it had fallen off the face of the earth.

But of course with all my wishing and hoping it only grew bigger and seemed more apparent to me it was going to stick around and haunt me!

Where was this magical pill? Sitting on anti depressants for over 6 months and it was still there following me (if only the good things in life could be this dang loyal and hang around like this!).

Desperate times were drawing to desperate measures, I was prepared to do ANYTHING and I mean anything to get rid of this anxiety and panic disorder.

So I begun to research, reading all the information I could find on it. However I realized just my desire and all the reading in the world wasn’t going to fix it; I had to take action too! I had to apply and test different things to get an outcome.

Now of course I tried many of things without the desired outcome. But at least I was starting to get somewhere and my desire wasn’t going to quit until I found the outcome that I wanted to achieve!

And that was NO MORE ANXIETY & PANIC EVER! That is what I wanted!

Of course I did eventually find something that did work. It worked because I used my mathematical strategy. Desire + Action = Outcome.

I now use this same strategy for everything I want to achieve in life.

Just because I don’t get the desired outcome the first time round doesn’t mean I give up, my desire is far too strong for that!

So remember next time you really want something: Desire + Action = Outcome repeat as necessary until you reach your desired result.

© Joanne King -

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Panic And Anxiety Disorder
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