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Brian Baldwin

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It's been said that knowledge is power. While that's true to an extent, it isn't the whole truth. Knowledge without action is almost useless. It doesn't help to be a genius if you never do anything with the knowledge. I tend to think of knowledge as ammunition and action as a gun. (It's a typical guy thought, I know but it works for me. ) Think about it. If you have bullets and no gun, they're pretty much useless. If you have a gun and no bullets, the best you can do is throw (action) the gun at the target. Not as useless as the bullets (knowledge) since action without knowledge is more productive than knowledge without action

The reason I've been thinking about this lately is that I've been reading article after article about how to make money, get high search engine ranking, find customers & prospects, motivate myself and others and several other subjects and realized that regardless of how much info I've gained, it's worthless if I don't act on the knowledge. And it's the same for everyone. It wouldn't matter if you had a PhD in Quantum Physics if you worked at McDonalds, or a library full of books and never used the knowledge within, now would it? I've met some really intelligent homeless people and some stupid millionaires and the biggest difference is action. Let me say this again, ACTION. Action makes people successful to a certain degree. Not to say that any action will make people successful. Jumping up and down or changing channels will not do it, but action of any kind that propels you toward your target goal will get you there eventually.

Another way to think of it is like having a map. I could give you a map to a lost treasure, but if you never left your house, it wouldn't do much good would it?

So here's a question; what action will you do today, to reach your goal? Reading a book will only take you so far.

Brian Baldwin lives in Reno/Sparks Nevada. You can find out what he's up to by going to

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Business Basics, Knowledge Is Power And Applied Knowledge Is Powerful
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