How Game Shows Can Make Your Life a Success!


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As our society progresses, we often find ourselves in challenging situations and tough scenarios which often challenge our wits and abilities to the extremes. So what happens if we fail? Depending on individual characters, some may get up and keep going, while others may suffer a heavy blow to their self confidence and slump into depression.

Why does anyone get depressed? Ever felt that time is running out on you and life is passing you by? When a person isn’t engaged in productive activities, he or she may feel stagnant and begin to feel depressed. Inactivity and lack of purpose can result in feelings associated with loss of hope. Life seems to be devoid of any sense of purpose.

So if purpose is what we lack, then how can we turbo charge ourselves with worthy purposes? Even if we found worthy causes to pursue, how can we always be focused in our purpose and goal? Besides loving them, there is a way which we can attain higher focus and involvement in pursuing our goal.

The secret is to live it like a game show. Ever watched the Apprentice? Ever noticed that all the contestants are very pumped up and engaged in their tasks? This is because they are treating their tasks very seriously and are constantly pushing themselves. Irregardless of their achievement level, most of them have pushed their abilities to the max.

Game shows participants have a much higher focused frame of mind. Their eyes are set on the prize and the goals. No room is left for depression or thoughts of failure. Fear factor contestants realize this and we can see many attempted and still continue to negatively influence their competitors with negative thoughts and verbal assaults.

Everyday we need to set our objectives and rewards. Set out to achieve them. It isn’t life or death if we fail, but when attempting the task, we need to put our very best into it. Do not punish yourself if you failed. Learn instead from the experience and equip yourself with the knowledge to start off with a better footing next time.

When you have successfully applied this attitude in your life, you will begin to see that life is meaningful and beautiful. Realize that there are so many beautiful things to be enjoyed in life.

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