Nothing Tastes Better Than Claiming Your Life

Timothy Crawford

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It’s exactly 12:37 on a sunny Friday afternoon. A woman steps inside her usual lunch time café. The restaurant hasn’t changed. It’s still jam-packed with a stampede of employees from surrounding office buildings from this busy section of town. The usual “Today’s Special” is listed in blue dry eraser ink on the same white dry eraser chalk board. The usual grill men are grilling, the cashiers are cashing and the same smell of pasta, hamburgers and bacon fill the air. Like I said it’s a regular day and nothing has changed in this café, nothing except one thing: the women who walked in this café has changed.

This familiar lady has a new attitude. Her radiant smile lights up the room. Her head is held high. What happened to her? I’ll tell you: Last night with tears of pain and relief she decided once and for all that she wanted more out of her life. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

She looked in the mirror and said: “I'm going to bet on ME!” Don’t worry; she doesn’t usually talk to herself out loud. This was a huge moment for her. I’d call her it her moment of “Clarity”.

The world didn't stop spinning, HBO is still playing reruns of “Sex In The City" and “Girl Friends" is still on UPN. No one else on the planet knew about her decision, only her.

This woman now did something that was long overdue, she picked up the phone and called her man of exactly 15 months, 3 weeks and 4 days. 11 days earlier she asked him to make a decision about committing fully to their relationship. He asked for a week to think it over. It was now 4 days pass the 7-day thinking it over period. When he answered the phone she dumped him. Puzzled, he asked: “Why are you being so cold baby?" She smiled, looked at the phone and slowly responded: “This is my life and I'm claiming it; starting tonight". Click.

Then the woman did something else she'd been meaning to do. She placed a second call; this one was to her big sister. Six months earlier the sisters had a terrible argument over money. The big sister had it, and as usual the little sister needed it, but this time big sis’ refused to send it. On several occasions big sis’ saved the day so of course the argument was silly. The lady also knew the cruel words she spoke to her sister were uncalled for and hurtful.

Tonight, she apologized from her heart. The sisters cried, laughed and made up. Big sis’ offered to still send the money, but Little sis’ refused; “Treat yourself to something nice for a change, you deserve it!"

The point of the story is; We all have the power to take back our lives. Our most important decisions are made during our moments of clarity.

Embrace your moments of clarity. Claim your life today!

The woman walked out of the café feeling brand new so “why not try a new spot?" Across the street sat a new Thai restaurant that she'd heard was fabulous. Today she was going to try it. She strutted into the restaurant. A smiling waitress kindly led her to a charming table seated near the window. “Are you ready to place your order?", Our friend smiled and responded: “I'm feeling spontaneous today, do me a favor sweetie, surprise me!"

Timothy Crawford is a motivational inspirational public speaker, writer and trainer. Timothy's an expert in customer service and communications, as well as public speaking. Be inspired. Contact him for more details on how his motivational messages for individuals, groups, associations and organizations can benefit you.


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