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How many of us today truly concentrate? Most of the time we try to do many things at once, multi-task, attempting to squeeze more into life and in the process sacrificing quality. Gradually the ability to concentrate is lost, which leads to various degrees of anxiety and disturbance, and the feeling of being overwhelmed and always having to manage an inner chaos.

Concentration produces manifold benefits. With it a task can be completed in a fraction of the normal time. It results in big savings of money and, more importantly, energy. Focused energy allows us to experience inner peace as all the noise of busyness, fears and faults falls away. It is an absolute necessity because only with full concentration can we tap into our own inner powers and strength and that of the universe and continue to increase and accumulate them. All great achievements and discoveries have been based on the power to concentrate, and the ability to detach the mind from all other matters and allow a clear channel for inspiration to flow.

When we are fully engaged in something, especially if there is recognition of the value of the task, to us personally, to another, or the wider community, then with both head and heart our whole being is immersed in the work with happiness. We are unlikely to be distracted or sidetracked.

Meditation is, without a doubt, the key to a concentrated mind. Concentration is the most valuable starting point, and one of the many treasures gained from it. The method of ‘open-eye’ meditation allows us to focus our eyes, our mind and our thoughts towards a point, the centre of our being, the essence of our pure self. In this form of meditation the outer world recedes opening a path to accomplish significantly more and experience inner peace. Open-eye meditation introduces focus, discipline and a tremendous amount of love as our vision expands to see the unlimited.

Om Shanti (I am a peaceful soul)

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Aruna is an international management development trainer, a teacher of meditation and a freelance writer currently based in Bahrain. She is also the director of the Bahrain Meditation Centre, which is administered by Brahma Kumaris, London, an international organisation with over 6000 centers in over 85 countries ( ) and she continues to coordinate various activities for them in the Middle East. Aruna has spent the last 22 years focused on learning, living and teaching the art of self-development. As a lecturer and teacher of meditation she gained a wealth of experience working with the Brahma Kumaris, teaching meditation, values and ethics, positive thinking and creativity seminars.


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