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There is but one secret that will create unlimited wealth in your life. It may shock you when you find out how simple it really is.

All of the giants of industry and business knew the secret to create unlimited wealth . The secret is the easy part, what you have to do once you know the secret is what is tough. Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Bill Gates all understood the secret and were willing to apply it to amass fortunes.

Are you?

The super wealthy, the ones that earned it, did so because they had an IDEA! Then they acted upon that idea with ferocity and perseverance. You see all accumulated wealth from being successful in business starts with an idea. For Henry Ford it was supplying America with affordable cars. Bill Gates envisioned the future of the personal computer as a mainstay in all households.

Create Unlimited Wealth by:

1. Have an Idea!

2. Develop a Plan.

3. Pursue that Plan Relentlessly.

4. Don’t Accept Failure!

5. If that Plan Doesn’t Work – Change It!

It Starts with an Idea – Every great business success started as an idea in someone’s head. The people that have the courage to act upon those ideas are the people that become wealthy and successful. However, it takes more than an idea; I wish it were that simple! You must surround yourself with people that share your vision and can compliment your talents. Remember, you don’t know everything and the smart person does not have all the answers but they know where to find them.

Develop a Plan – Take your idea and put it on paper. Share it with the people in your think tank, get their input. Only talk to those in your think tank, these are the people you trust. Make them a part of the plan but keep all parts of the plan and idea secret until you have to let it out. You may talk to the wrong person and they beat you to the punch and get your idea to the market place before you. Another reason to keep your idea and plan under raps is to keep people from telling you why it CAN’T be done. Anything is possible!

Get the plan in place with the help of your think tank (possible business partners). Your plan should include things like: access to capital, business proposals, marketing strategies, and production strategies. Now that you have a plan then it is time to act on it.

Pursue Your Plan Relentlessly – Most successful business people after developing their plan act on implementing it. You must not be timid, if you know what you want go after it with a relentless pursuit. This is where you see the wheels start to fall off with most unsuccessful business attempts. They become passive when implementing their plan. If they hit a few stumbling blocks they begin to loose confidence and become indecisive. You must pursue your dreams of wealth and business with passion!

Don’t Accept Failure – Failure simply means that you have not succeeded, YET! This ties in closely with the above point in the sense that most business failures have come because:

1. People did not plan well,

2. Because they gave up to soon.

In the great book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, he discovered that the wealthy and successful people he had studied in the book all had reached their greatest success only because they had the courage to continue on after each failure. Mr. Hill became aware that almost everyone he had studied for that book had reached their greatest success after they had pulled through their greatest hardship.

Just remember that Failure is Not an Option.

If That Plan Doesn’t Work – Change It – Plans are all works in progress and they are meant to be updated and tweaked. Rather than quitting if your plan does not work, change it. Study the old plan, learn why it did not work and make the necessary changes. If you must change it a hundred times until you find the right plan.

Creating unlimited wealth and success is not just for the chosen few or the lucky. It is for everyone that has the courage to get that idea out of their head and into action. You must be willing to pursue your dream relentlessly, be decisive, and not be willing to accept failure. Great wealth and success is more about making up your mind and seeing yourself as if you already are wealthy and successful, than it is about chance and luck.

Use this outline and create unlimited wealth for yourself! Earl Nightingale once said, “You become what you think about". If all you think about is the reasons why you can’t be wealthy and successful then not being wealthy and unsuccessful is all you ever will be. Quit waiting for chance, winners make their own chances. Get that idea out of your head and turn it into wealth.

Mark Williams can help you get motivated to create unlimited wealth in your life. Getting Rich is not just for a chosen few it is for all those that are motivated to have it. Get Motivated by visiting his site for Motivational quotes, articles, and strategies on Wealth Building .


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