Knowledge is Knowing: Use What You Learn!

Michelle Clanton

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Did you know?

Did you know knowledge is knowing? Essentially knowledge is not only what you know but after knowing a fact how to use the wealth of information that you’ve obtained.

Let me elaborate.

Sometime ago a study was done regarding the usage of gainful information or shall I say the lack thereof. The reports were staggering. According to this study on a daily basis we are privy to an abundance of knowledge but only use about twenty-percent of what we encounter in this lifetime. It kind of makes your mouth fall wide-open with shock, right.

Why is that I ask? There are several reasons why humanity in large numbers does not put to good use the data obtained.

1. Subtle distractions: example the cares of this world.

a) Jobs, children, school and other productive activities that requires our full attention.

2. Anxiety: Comes in many forms.

b) Depression, emotional stress, jobless, homeless and sickness.

3. Unsatisfied: Usually unhappy with current state of affairs

c) Ignorant, unfulfilled, low selfesteem and hopeless.

  • How does society as a whole learn how to maximize the knowledge given to them?

    I have a suggestion start by taking ten percent of the knowledge that you already have that is not being put to good use and give it away. (Meaning) Share the wealth of knowledge. Mentorship seems to be a lost fundamental it shouldn't be. Did you know when you share the news you already have you are freeing up some storage space within?

    I believe in giving and receiving the law of seedtime and harvest. It works! Plus the knowledge is not yours to keep it was given freely. Next, every time you get some new information guard it then process it in order to use it correctly.

  • What do I mean by process the knowledge?

    Believe it or not reader, we are filters. We intake information then through a sometimes long process we release or recover more data. The process is ongoing or should be.

    Wise Advice:

  • Never be tired of learning, sharing and receiving edifying educational tidbits.

    After you begin to use what you already know, move on to something you haven’t conquered yet. Yes, I am suggesting you challenge yourself. Believe me it’s an exhilarating release when you do something outside of your normal form of complacency. Plus you mature, grow and reach levels you only once dreamed of.

  • Now isn’t that something?

  • I encourage you to use knowledge. Then may you make a path all your own with wisdom so you can have great success.
  • With over two-decades of writing and reciting poetry, Michelle has branched out to share her literary works to the world. A native Pennsylvanian Michelle loves to inspire, encourage and entertain her family, friends and fans. Now she proudly awaits the release of her upcoming collection of poetic expressions. To her credits she has published, ‘Accidental Love’ the novel.


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    What is spiritual knowledge? What is religious, arts and science knowledge?
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