What Motivates You to Action?


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Motivation is an acquired skill. In order to build it within yourself, whether its for your business or personal growth, you first must discover what it is that actually motivates you.

Ask yourself questions. What do I like to do? Doing more of what you like to do is probably the best place to start. Once you are able to identify the triggers, form daily motivation exercises that help to stimulate you.

We all suffer from a lack of motivation from time to time. It usually stems from a negative thinking process that we lull ourselves into. It's important to refocus, regroup and pick an activity that you know will help in changing to a more positive mindset.

Try watching an uplifting movie, listening to your favorite music or reading material you know in advance will give you the inspiration and words of motivation that will get you pumped.

Whether its at work or in your business motivation skills are essential to reaching your optimum performance and gaining that winning edge. Today, in our busy world you have to motivate yourself if you want to move forward.

Look at Self-Motivation as a planned daily activity. Set aside time each day to pull yourself away from the pack. Even if it's 15 minutes, take this time and visualize your desired outcomes.

I personal recommend first thing in the morning. There's a lot fewer distractions and why not start your day off on the right foot. You'll find as you engage yourself in this powerful regiment, your whole approach will change from a passive activity into an engaging process.

Once you've established this daily habit, why not try and increase the time you spend t 30 minutes or an hour if your can.

Multitask and work in a light exercise activity. By combining the two, you'll find your fitness motivation level will benefit significantly. As you exercise, you will be sharpening your mind just as much as you are increasing the strength of your body.

Look to others for motivation. Find the leaders in your fields of interest. Read and gain knowledge. Attend live seminars. It's amazing how motivating it can be when you're surrounded by like minded people.

Constantly look at new ways to feed your mind, spirit and soul. There's been major advancements in understanding the inner workings of the human mind in just the last few years and how we can influence the changes we desire in our lives. The world is your oyster.

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What Motivates a Person to Work?
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