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Motivation… What a huge topic. Where do we start? I am sure many of you have read articles on motivation. Ideally, your dreams and your goals should be your motivation – but what happens is often, our dreams seems something distant in the future and today possibly a very long way away. One great way of solving this and avoiding losing motivation is to set a number of smaller, realistic goals. It is like if you were to climb Mount Everest - you cannot do that in one giant step. It involves a lot of smaller steps, booking your trip, getting to Kathmandu, getting your supplies, your food, getting to the start of the climb, getting to base camp, climatizing, etc etc etc ………. . you get the picture.

To avoid motivation slumps, set smaller goals you can cross off on the way. Working with a Life Coach will help you as you have actions to accomplish every week until your goal has been achieved and you set your next one.

Some other tips to help you get motivated are:
 look for success stories – reading about others who have found happiness can help you get more motivated
 find out what you enjoy and what you are great at. Once you have discovered this – you become more motivated to continue and to grow

TIP OF THE DAY One way to improve your motivation - try doing everything you do today 1% better. One percent is not much. What would this look like? How much more productive would you be? What would 1% better in your job mean? What would your diet be like? What would it be like if you were 1% better in your relationships? If you put in 1% more effort, listened 1% better to your spouse or your children? My challenge for you – be 1% better for a day. My stretch goal for you would be to be 1% better for a week. Are you willing to take on this challenge? Feel free to email me with changes you have noticed by being 1% better.

I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. Enjoy and remember to keep motivated.

Michelle Zelig Pourau of Personal Power International is a successful business, life coach & professional speaker. She has considerable experience in all types of coaching around the world. Michelle started her coaching career when living in New York in 1992 & continued coaching in New York for a number of years, while still working on Wall Street. On return to Melbourne Australia in late 1996, she returned to Management Consulting. In 1999, she decided it was time to re-ignite her coaching career. Given Michelle has had 20+ years corporate experience, one of her speciality areas is executive / corporate coaching – helping individuals to understand & distinguish behaviours that are effective & those that impede their success. Once understood, Michelle then works with clients to work through these issues. Other coaching specialties are personal/life coaching, motivation, building confidence, de-stressing, setting & achieving goals, creating balance, transitions, relationship coaching & wellness. Michelle is past President International Coach Federation Vic chapter 7/02 - 12/03


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Motivation - 5 Different Types Of Motivation To Drive You Towards Your Goals
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