The Three Power Types


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Are you a doer, a thinker or a feeler? Although we are all a combination of the three, almost everyone is stronger in one of these areas. Once you identify your lead area, steps can be taken to increase your natural personal power.

Read the three profiles that follow and try to choose the one that sounds most like you. Remember that you likely have qualities of all three. If all else fails, simply choose the power booster that you like the best. After all you're the one in charge!

The Doer

The doer is a very straightforward person who has an uncanny clarity toward life. They tend to have a passion for adventure and anything out of the ordinary. They love competition, and sports are no exception. The doer is very physical and has a healthy ego.

The Thinker

The thinker is extremely intelligent and usually weighs every decision before a conclusion is reached. The thinker also tends to be a big talker - always on the phone or out being a social butterfly. They know a fair amount about just about anything and are excellent conversationalists.

The Feeler

The feeler is very intuitive, often even a little psychic. The feeler may pick up on the emotions of others even when they are trying to hide them. The feeler is an excellent listener and loves to help people out - even if it's just being a sounding board over a cup of coffee.

Hopefully, you've found your type. The best way to improve ourselves is to perfect our strong qualities and overshadow our weak points. So now comes the fun part - picking a power booster! Doer Power Boosters

Doers need to do. They need to compete, to feel like they are physically powerful. Great physical power boosters are activities that set goals and get better with time; weight lifting, jogging, boxing, gymnastics, any competitive sport.

If your health does not allow a sport, try gardening, or learning to build something.

Remember, the more you do, the more powerful you will be.

Thinker Power Boosters

Thinkers need to think. They need to feel like they are intellectually powerful. Great intellectual power boosters are activities that teach you something and delve into minute intellectual detail; chess, nonfiction reading, any games involving trivia or strategy.

If you have the time take a correspondence course on a subject of interest, just keep learning.

Remember, the more knowledge you acquire, the more powerful you will be.

Feeler Power Boosters

Feelers need to feel. They need to feel like they are needed and gain power from making a difference. Great power boosters for this type are activities that help others; serving in soup kitchens, counselling, entertaining sick children, any volunteer work.

Feelers do have to remember to take care of themselves as well - try Thai Chi, yoga, deep breathing or a simple hot bath to stay on top of things. Remember, the more you centre yourself, the more people you will be able to help.

The more positive changes you can make in others the more powerful you will be.

For those of you who are more than one type, simply combine the power boosters and try to keep the balance appropriate to the balance within your personality. No matter what your type is, the biggest power booster of all is to love your self. So give in to the little luxuries once in a while, it's worth the effort!

Ivy Mills has been researching chemical sensitivity and natural alternatives for over five years and has brought her knowledge to the marketplace in her company, Valhalla Essences . Her personal experiences have fed a passion to help others with the same problem. Ivy welcomes others to share their stories and experiences on her blog, Peaceful Power .


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