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If you feel stuck in a rut and are currently searching for a path to self improvement and motivation, stick with this article to the end. It presents several ideas outlining a potentially life changing course towards self improvement and motivation without you having to spend money on books, seminars or videos. In fact, this course relies on methods you can find for free - within yourself. Let's get started.

First off, get real and start taking responsibility for who you really are. It is only at the point when you start accepting responsibility for your life - both who you are and what you do - that you will start to realize that you have control over all aspects of your life. And when you realize that you are the captain, you can start steering your ship of life in any direction you choose.

Next, start improving you work habits and relationships, bit by bit. Before you start taking responsibility for your life, before you take the wheel, you may realize that you are stuck in a job, situation or relationship that is bringing you down. Like a ship without a captain, you are headed straight for a rocky coastline and certain disaster. Once you accept that you are in charge, you must break free of these habits. Start by asking yourself questions. “Why I am doing this job?", “Why am I in this relationship?" If you don't like the answers, either prepare to jump ship or start sailing the vessel yourself.

Now begin surrounding yourself with others who are also on the path to self improvement and motivation. The fastest way to get to where you're going is to join like-minded adventurers on your quest. Even better is to find others who have already sailed the course ahead of you and are willing to serve as a guide. You must be proactive. If there is someone you know who has already become the kind of person you want to be, approach them and let them know. There's much you can learn from these people and most of them are willing to share.

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Self Motivation - 5 Minutes to Get Motivated and Accomplish Something ..
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