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Be Prepared to Pay the Price

Bill Nelson

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As you move on the pursuit and attainment of some of you newly identified goals and ambitions.

There will be many things that will influence you, your desire and motivation toward these goals and the price needed to see them realised.

What I would like to do is to outline and highlight one area in the pursuit and attainment of these goals etc and that is the area of discipline. Now in saying that I am probably not going to outline anything that you probably have not seen, heard or
even used previously.

However as you know I am a strong believer in continuing to look at the basic ingredients of success before going on and addressing the specifics and intricacies involved in its pursuit.

I have often said that the skills of discipline are outlined and discussed in a variety of ways. All are relevant to the objectives and needs of the people outlining and using them.

From my perspective I breakdown the use of discipline into one simple concept and use.

That is the discipline of daily action.

By this I mean everyday and without compromise you have a set of standards and disciplines that you do not walk away from for any reason. It is these disciplines although very basic in nature will set you apart from many.

The disciplines you decide to pursue can serve a number of different purposes.

They are relevant to a certain goal that you have.

One of your goals maybe to reduce your weight . What type of disciplines will it take to see this achieved?

=> Daily exercise

=> Reduced fat intake in your diet

=> Increased intake of water

They can be created to make you more discipline in your ways.

These are what I call comfort zone exercises. Basically a set of disciplines that serve no other purpose than to take you out of your comfort zone and in the process teach you the skill of discipline.

Some examples could be:

=> No chocolate for 6 months

=> Get out of bed each morning at 5.00am

=> Walk the stairs rather than take the elevators

They can be specific to making you happier in everyday life.

We all want to be happier and enjoy our life more. Unfortunately there are always influences that seem to pop up to try and prevent this from happening. So what can we do to help ourselves enjoy what we are apart of?

=> Share a joke with someone each day

=> Take 5 mins to realise the opportunities you have available to you personally and professionally.

=> Without being selfish take time to do something for yourself each and everyday.

The development of you and your character.

These are things we probably do each and everyday but with added discipline we become a better person because of them.

=> When introduced to someone really take notice of their name.

=> Don't get involved in gossip type conversations.

=> Don't compromise your standards.

As you can see by these brief examples there is nothing out of the ordinary here, they are things we all do each and everyday in someway or another.

The difference is not in what you do but how you do it. Success is all about doing the things that others are not prepared to do, or to do it an away that is better than how they do it. As by know you realise nothing out of the ordinary in that. But what is out of the ordinary is ones ability to have the discipline to do it.

So before we get to far into the pursuit of your goals, targets and resolutions take a little time to think through some of the disciplines needed to see them achieved.

Yes it might seem a tedious retrospective request but I guarantee the spin offs and advantages will far outweigh the time and effort that it will take to identify them.

The disciplines that you identify and adhere to will make a significant difference to you, your life and to things you want out of it and the goals you want to achieve.

The discipline of daily action is probably the one single area that in 20 years of professional coaching I see that separates the people that want to be successful and the people that are. Which one will you be?

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Bill Nelson is an elite international sporting coach who has turned his knowledge of developing peak team and individual performance into a world-class corporate consultancy, Total Performance Concepts Pty Ltd.

Bill's wisdom on the science of motivation, performance coaching and team building has been utilised by business organisations, defence forces, the real estate and telecommunications industries, educational institutions, local government, numerous businesses and elite sporting programs throughout the world.


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