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Getting Unstuck is Not So Difficult!


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In many conversations I have with people about their dreams and goals in business or life, they often mention that they do not succeed because they feel stuck or unable to get motivated into action. Looking for similarities in these stories I came across a few themes that provide clues as to what prevents us from moving forward.

Here are some strategies to get unstuck!

You might be surprised now, but the first step towards getting unstuck is to allow yourself to be stuck right in the moment! Don't beat yourself up for not moving forward - you just weaken yourself that way. Embrace yourself the way you are, someone who has big plans, who takes action sometimes and at other times doesn't. That's reality right now and only if you partner up with who you are, you can become successful in the future.

The next step is to realize that you always have a choice. Many times we excuse our inability to take action with excuses like: no time, no money, not the right friends or partners, too young or too old and so on. The true power lies in the recognition that we have a choice - it may be a tough choice like selling a home to relieve financial pressures, or walking away from an abusive relationship to reclaim our self-esteem, but we have a choice!

To change your mindset is another crucial step to get unstuck. When we feel unmotivated, we often think unmotivating thoughts; when we feel trapped, it's because we're constantly telling ourselves that there are no options; when we feel hopeless, there is a good chance that our inner voice keeps telling us: “That won't work anyway". So, how can we change our thinking? Well, thinking positive is easier said than done. But there is a technique that helps you to reset your mind. Create a mantra and repeat it as often as possible during the day - when you wake up, when you brush your teeth, when you drive a car and definitely just before you fall asleep! Say to yourself: I CAN DO ANYTHING! It doesn't matter if you believe it or not, if you repeat it often enough, your brain will absorb it and you will finally believe it and act accordingly. Just try that for one week and notice how your mood and your perspective change!

Finally, surround yourself with motivated people. People who feel stuck tend to cling to other people who feel that life is unfair and that it's not their fault. This is a recipe for disaster! Find people who are up to something big and feel excited about life, and spend your time with them. If you don't know anybody like that, find a support group or work with a coach who believes in your ability to succeed!

The most important step to get unstuck is to take action! It doesn't need to be a big step, just so you are moving. Can you get stuck again? You bet, but it is all your choice and you can always get going again with the next little step - keep moving!

Let me repeat the essence again:

  • Love yourself for who you are
  • You always have a choice
  • "I can do anything!"
  • Surround yourself with motivated people
  • Take action!

So, now it's your turn! Choose an area in your life you would like to change, identify three choices you have, pick the one that resonates with you the most, believe you can do it and take action!

"If a man would move the world, he must first move himself. " (Socrates)

Desiree Steinmann is a Professional Life and Career Coach. She helps her clients to see all the possibilities and motivates them to take ownership and action.

She offers one on one coaching, telephone coaching, group coaching, workshops and can also be booked as a speaker.

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Getting Unstuck Through Acknowledging The Past
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