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Finding Stability in Unstable Times - What is YOUR Random Act of Kindness?

Jodi Rosenberg

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There is a tendency to “take care of me" when times get tough, but come on if the US heads into a depression you are not going to be alone, the nation will be with you. Starting today challenge yourself to focus outward. How can you positively impact those around you? If this is new to you start small, but make it your thing you always do. Make it a part of who you are.

"For me, it's that I contributed, . . .
That I'm on this planet doing some good and making people happy.
That's to me the most important thing, that my hour of television is positive and upbeat
and an antidote for all the negative stuff going on in life. "
Ellen DeGeneres US comedian and actress

My daughter and I have a simple act of kindness which we consistently share with the world. It almost always shocks strangers in a positive way. When I tell you what it is, you will be surprised at how small it really is. Here it is. . . whenever we are walking into a store that utilizes shopping carts we look for someone along our path that is about done with their cart. We walk up to them, smile and ask if we can take their cart for them.

For the moms who just loaded their children back into their car and don't really want to walk away from their car with their kids in it, this is a blessing. Occasionally people are a little skeptical at first, but when we walk away with only their cart and not their wallet they are pleasantly surprised. This truly is a very tiny thing, it barely requires any extra effort on our part, but it is our thing and it is fun to see the pleasant response from strangers.

Are we changing the world? Sure we are. We usually bring a smile to someone. I chose to believe anytime we bring about a smile that smile has a positive impact on our world. My one or two carts a week does not have the same reach as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but to one person, it could be exactly what improves their day and changes their world.

What are you doing to bring a smile to another? I am sure that there are opportunities right in front of you today. Today be on the look out for “your thing" and start doing it consistently. This consistent act will help you to focus outward.

As you focus outward you will connect with others in this world and find yourself controlling that which you can control during these unstable times. For help in establishing your firm footing visit Jodi's blog, Gathered in this blog section are articles, application ideas and resources that will help you control what you can control instead of being controlled by what you can not. I think you will find yourself inspired and empowered to live with strength, courage and wisdom.

If you are a goal setter and want to set a goal around creating sustainable connections, check out Blueprint for Life Success at - Blueprint for Life Success is a FREE weekly goal setting e-course and tip series that will support you in making changes that lead to a happier, healthier and wealthier way of living. Subscribe now by sending a blank e-mail to


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