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Take Charge of Your Life

Todd Hicks

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Do you want to get ahead in life? You can do this by taking charge and doing what it takes to be a winner in life. Do not let your misery continue. Whenever you have a problem, look for a way to solve it. If you cannot find a way to solve your problem, seek help.

Stand up for yourself. If you have done your best on a task or performance and someone scolds you for failing, you should reply, “I did my best. " If you are accused of committing a sin or crime you did not commit, fight back. Never enter a plea of guilt or a “no contest" plea for a crime you did not do, even if the evidence against you is strong.

Do not let anyone hold you back. You are in total control of your destiny. Nobody makes you use drugs, drop out of school or get in trouble. If you are in trouble, look in the mirror instead of saying, “Other people are keeping me down. " Who can really stop you from getting ahead but you? Keep in mind the phrase that says, “As long as you have your foot on my neck, you're not going anywhere either. " After someone knocks you down physically or emotionally, get up and resume your destination or pursuit of a goal you have.

Do not listen to people who say you will not succeed. Ignore them and work harder to prove them wrong. Do not let anyone have a negative influence on you. Avoid people who engage in crime or wrongdoing. Dump friends who want to see you get in trouble.

Always maintain a positive attitude. Harboring a negative attitude decreases your chances of accomplishing your goals and getting ahead.

Do not be content with only having a small amount of knowledge or physical ability. Expand your knowledge and vocabulary. Learn as much about various things as you can by reading a lot and acquiring instruction. Spend a vast amount of time practicing everything you want to learn and master.

Do not be deterred by gloom or obstacles. If the path you have chosen is good but dark, please stick with it, even if you “do not see light at the end of the tunnel". If an obstacle gets in your way, find a way to get around it and overcome it. You are in control of your life. Follow these steps and other good methods you develop to take charge of your life!

Todd Hicks owns Skill Development Institute, an enterprise that provides a keyboard typing lesson and academic study guide. To become a great typist or student, visit Skill Development Institute.


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