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Are You Absolutely Sure You Can Succeed in Reaching Your Goal?


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The Art Of Absolute Love

If someone is an expert on something then he needs to know everything about it that is knowable and be able to anticipate and deal with every situation before or after it arises, and much of this ability comes from having great love, experience and putting a great deal of thoughts on the subject, otherwise he cannot claim himself to be an expert. If you have great love for something then you are most likely to succeed in getting it.

You can't do anything great unless you have the great love of doing it. I am just a little shy of the word ‘Desire’ simply because it can take negative connotation. LOVE is more beautiful than desire. The word ‘Love’ can hardly be in harmony with bad connotation. For example we hardly say a man ‘loves to kill’ but we can say a man has a ‘desire for revenge’ and it really never sounds quite beautiful to my ears or to my senses. ‘Burning desire’ can become dangerous when it is used to accomplish one's goal. When a man has the ‘burning desire’ and it drives him to do anything, even if it is unethical, to reach his goal then it can be dangerous and not success! Remember that success is always something beautiful when we use love to acquire it.

The Art Of Absolute Perseverance

Success is a very demanding creature. She will put you to a grueling test to see if you have absolute love for her and will not let you have her until you have proven it. I never quite believe in doing anything if I have no absolute love for it. So don't do anything big if you don't have the love of doing it because you may not have the ingredient call perseverance to sustain you all the way when you meet with various obstacles or setbacks. But with love you will have whatever perseverance that you need to accomplish your goal without fail.

If you want to do anything big then you do it as big as possible and not half big.

If you want to go a way then you go all the way and not half way.

Don't walk into the desert if you are not absolutely sure you can go through it!

The Art Of Uniqueness

You know your Domain Name is Unique and Web has a rule:

You can use ‘democracycom’ or ‘communistcom’ but you must not use ‘cracycom'

If you do then people are not so sure what you are- a democrat or a communist.

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Goal Setting - A Mountain Of A Goal Or Just A MoleHill
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