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How to Stay Motivated After Failure


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Achieving our goals is not always easy. Sometimes we hit obstacles along the way that, at first glance seem like failure. Or maybe we feel we are not achieving our goals fast enough. The reality is that, no matter what our life journey is, life does go on around us, and at times, makes progress seem a little slower. During those times the successful person maintains focus and perseveres in the direction of his goal. Here are some tips that the successful person uses to stay motivated and accomplish what he or she wants.

One way the successful person stays motivated by maintaining balance. The successful person maintains balance in their emotions at every life challenge. When we are in balance we are happy and well-rounded. We react sensibly to all that is going on around us. This balance brings us happiness and happiness motivates us to wake up the next day.

When things don't seem to be going in the direction you want, re-assess the positives. This means, find those things you did during the day that were positive, no matter how insignificant you think those things might be, whether that is opening a door for someone else, paying that nagging bill, helping an old lady across the street, or mowing the grass. It doesn't matter how small the positive thing is; what is important is the fact you did something that moved you forward in life and closer to your goals. Focus on the good parts of your day, especially when experiencing the feelings of failure. A large part of staying motivated is focusing on the accomplishments you had. If you focus on failure you will lose motivational energy.

We all fail at one thing or another. Not one of us is perfect, so inevitably we all do experience failure at some points in our lives. However, successful people don't dwell on the failures they inevitably have; they don't imagine themselves as failures. Maybe this or that venture they attempted did fail. But when you see yourself personally as a failure and you internalize this, you will most certainly lose motivation. If you want to stay motivated despite failure then do not take failure personally. Failure happens to us all!

Instead, imagine yourself as being successful. Visualize your goals; see them in your mind. Watch yourself accomplish those goals. Make a mental movie of it! Make it as detailed as you like. The more detail the better. By doing this you are reinforcing your mental processing which will certainly contribute to your motivation.

Oftentimes, after hitting those moments of failure, we tend to become absorbed in the “what ifs". Reflection has lessons for us to learn, undoubtedly but to mull over failure for too long can become a mental cobweb. It can trap you and stop you moving forward.

A very important point is this - the feeling of failure is a choice against oneself and nothing more! Failure is a situational word, not a personal one, unless of course you make that choice. When you see yourself, personally, as a failure you are compromising your motivation. When your motivation is compromised, accomplishing your goals becomes even more difficult.

A key factor to staying motivated is to see failure as an opportunity. It could be an opportunity to learn a new skill or an opportunity to try something which you had not expected before. Most of the time when failure knocks on our door it is to teach us something about ourselves, the situation, and those around us. An apparent failure which forces us to take a path we did not intend can actually lead to great happiness. Failure is actually there to help us, if we use it right. By thinking of failure in this way, you will find motivation.

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