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Winning You Must Keep Evolving


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In the game of life, you are either evolving or dissolving. Life itself is not static and so cannot support a lack of movement. Cultures evolve; technology evolves as does management techniques amongst others. All these are controlled by human beings and so it goes that human beings must of a necessity evolve in their thinking. This does not mean that their physical makeup will change but their mindset must change and ascend to a higher level in order to bring about advancement in all areas of life.

The story is told of how Tiger Woods desired to bring about a change to his famous swing in order to become even more productive and as a result, had to build some of his arm muscles. The entire process took time and even though he had started seeing the improvement, he had yet to start manifesting them. This prompted people to wonder if Tiger Woods was just a ‘flash in the pan’. In the midst of all these negative insinuations, Tiger kept insisting that he was a ‘better player’ and went on to prove it when he perfected the changes he had made by winning even more than he had before the changes.

He could have just kept on playing the same old way, believing that he was the best. He knew however, that such a mindset will only get him so far. He knew he had to evolve in order to keep winning. He had to sacrifice that period of relative comfort and invest in the agony of re-training and re-invention in order to reap the benefits in the future. He must have lost some revenue during that period but his material worth after that period bears out his decision to sacrifice.

In another article (Unique Selling Proposition: The Crux Of Your Personal Brand), I mentioned that personal branding is built on self-discovery, connects on unique associations, succeeds on delivery and is sustained on consistency and perpetual evolution. You must continually strive to re-evaluate yourself, knowing full well that your ‘best’ can be bettered again and again. You must continually re-invent yourself whenever you have to in order to surpass your competition and go on to win. Success is not a destination; it is a journey which only has parking lots for losers and slackers.

Remember, when you re-invent yourself, you will face a period of relative lack of productivity during which you will perfect your changes but in the face of criticism and seeming failure, you must push ahead, keeping in view, the new and improved you. You must see only the goal and keep moving to open and widen the gap between you and your competition. You must evolve, not dissolve.

"Remember, if no one is sold on you, no one will buy from you!"


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