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Why Bother Really?


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Recently I was speaking to someone at an event and they began to talk about personal development and coaching, they had one question and it's one I've heard a lot over the years.

Why bother really?

Basically because I believe that life is too short and too precious to waste in a self-imposed state of auto-pilot. We live in a world of incredible stimulation and choice. In fact we are faced with more choice than at any time in history. Yet many people are spending their time veging in front of mindless TV, working in jobs they aren't interested in and don't enjoy, and wondering how come their lives are whizzing away so fast.

Many people recognise this at some level and are hanging around waiting for some magic new solution, or a wake up call that is easy and isn't too much bother.

The real questions are:

* How much “bother" is it worth for you to step up and decide today that you are the creative force in your own life?

* How much “bother" would it be worth, to find ways to spend your time doing the things you love?

* How much “bother" would it be worth to find and work in a job you love? Or to set up and grow a small business doing what you love?

* How much bother would it really be to pick up the phone and make that call to a relative not spoken to for while because you had an argument?

* How much “bother" would it be worth to decide you've had enough of feeling overweight, lethargic or unfit - or even worse all three - Would it be worth the “bother" to feel fit healthy and energetic?

The truth is that in many cases avoiding the “bother" of taking responsibility for your life is often far, far, far more “bother" in the long term.

We all know that serious long term health problems are often brought on by small, almost thoughtless actions/inactions on a regular basis over time.

Next time you here yourself saying “Why bother?" or anything similar imagine this as the epitaph of your life: “Could have done great things, but decided “why bother?"

The funny thing is that a life of happiness, love, purpose, fulfilment, success, happiness and health are built on exactly the principle.

The small amount of “bother" it takes to set a new course in life today will reap you rewards for the rest of your life.

So why bother?

. .because quite simply, your life depends on it!

Anth Quinn has been described as the best-kept secret in Personal Development; he is a straight talking champion of everyday people and despite developing a loyal following of over 10,000 readers he managed to avoid publicity.

He says that he finally stepped up to right what he saw as fundamental flaws in much of the personal development industries and he became determined to do something about this.

Despite a massive amount of good information out in the market place Anth says that most people never make long lasting positive changes in their life. Why is this? Well, he says almost every personal development guru is missing a fundamental piece of the puzzle, and it's not what you think!!

You can check out his blog at

and his free “daily action tips" at


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