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Which Way Is North?

Z Bennett

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What do you want from your life? Sound pretty simple. However I bet you that it is not as simple as it seems. Many years ago I got my SCUBA certification. Well the first time that the question was put to me I was about 90 feet underwater. I had a scuba tank on my back and we where about to take off our masks under water to buddy breathe. We had done it several time in the training pool at about 10 feet but not at 90 feet. It was a very scary moment for many.

Well at that time we could look up and see the light of the sun above us. So we knew what way was up. Yet it was still a scary moment. However we all did it and we all made it. That was again my first time with which way is up mattered. Then several years later I was listening to a speaker by the name of Les Brown. He said if you fall, fall on your back because if you can see up you can get up. As a martial artist I understood. Falling is a very important thing for us. Well knowing how to fall is important. That is another story.

Here is something that I would like you to try. Without looking at a compass, get in a room with three or more people. Ask all three or more to close their eyes and with their eyes closed point north. Then have everyone keep pointing and open their eyes. I will bet you that all are pointing in different directs. We all came in the room the same way yet we are all pointing and seeing north from a direct human compass.

Now we all know that north for everyone in the room is the same yet none of us are pointing in the same direction. I believe that this is the case with us with our eyes open or closed. I think that we are all going in different directions and have no real ideas of which way is north, south, east, or west. In some cases we do not know up from down. If it sounds crazy, look around you at the people around you. In truth look in the mirror are you going in the direction that you wanted to go. Is your life moving in the direction or on the path that you wanted it to be on at this time in your life? I know that we all need to stop for a minute. In that minute we need to re-look at our goals and our needs. We all have dreams we all should work to make them come true.

We all have different types of backgrounds, styles, likes, dislikes and are from all over the world. As we look and re-look at the world we see past - future and history and learn new things as we go. Look at the body and mind it has taken thousands of years to develop. We have only been around for a few thousand years. Yet many of us keep repeating the same things. So if you want to really make change look a history and you can see that you have a vast amount of history you can use for your future. Just look at the book the Art of War that book has played a major part in history. It has a very positive effect on war but it has also affected us and our future.

The martial arts as we know them have had a positive effect in the areas of health, safety. The stories of man and women are also rich in the history. I believe the future of the martial arts be still very strong. Martial arts, is one of the best things that you can do on a physical and mental level. This is a healthy activity that you can do for your mind and body. Martial arts like Karate, Jujutsu, Judo and Aikido are outstanding arts not only for health, body conditioning but for self-defense, self-confidence, self-control, balances, stress reduction, and conditioning.

If you stand for nothing, news flash you live for nothing. Many great people have done things for lived on this earth and have given to us all yes you and me. What are we doing to repay them? What will you leave to those you care about? The body is a very complicated high performance machine. If you do not take care of it what will be the outcome. The outcome is early failure. You have only one life and one body to live that life in. We at the SYBCG school of Self Defense work to assist all our students in always. We offer training is karate, jujitsu, cardio kickboxing, rape aggression defense, resisting aggression defensively, positive self-defense, DT and more. Our school, systems and instructor are well rounded. Our training is in martial arts, martial arts sciences, natural health, reiki, mediation, personal, fitness, trigger-point therapy, CPR, first aid, positive self-defense, etc. Please remember you can be more fit and active.

Martial arts can be a great path to better and longer good health and abilities. Everything is possible however you have to really try and really want it. Life and time are precious lets use it and enjoy it for as long as we can. You are where you are by your habits. Change your habits and change your life. Now let us change it for the better. Let enter the wonderful world of the martial arts and see what it may do for you. If you have doubts get up and find out for yourself are brave enough.

By Zurriane Bennett

San Yama Bushi & Combination GoJu School of Self Defense


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