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Employee Motivation Techniques - How to Fire Up Your Employees' Motivation

Michael Lee

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If you know how to motivate employees, your company's overall status and profits will improve as a result. Employees are the lifeblood of the company. It's therefore vital to use effective employee motivation techniques so they can stay happy and inspired with their work. This, in turn, will also make them more productive.

Here are 3 employee motivation techniques you can use to arouse their enthusiasm:

1) Be interested in them.

Know their personal background, where they went to school, any job experiences they had, their hobbies, their future plans. . . even the minor things like what movies or books they prefer.

This shows that you're willing to take the time to know more about them. People like to talk about themselves, so what you're doing is satisfying their ego. In the process, they will get to like you.

2) Give them exciting opportunities and reward them for their accomplishments.

As much as possible, give them job assignments that they're either good at, are interested in, or can have fun with.

Give them every opportunity to prove how good they are. And once they've proven their worth or even exceed your expectations, acknowledge them. Praise them in public; let them and other employees know what exactly made them outstanding.

This employee motivation technique will inspire others to do their best because they want to attain the same recognition!

Aside from thanking them, you can give gifts or awards that they can treasure and show to others. Awards such as certificates, medals or trophies would be a better choice as these items illustrate their achievement.

3) Be trustworthy and respectable.

If you said you're going to do something for them, fulfill it at all cost. Nothing can ruin their trust and respect for you more than broken promises and empty words.

Show them that you're someone who will listen to their concerns, and someone who is trustworthy enough to keep private matters confidential.

Be someone who they can look up to. This means you have to be a good example for them. Strictly follow the company's rules and perform your job in the most ethical manner possible.

Let's recap the 3 employee motivation techniques I've taught. First, be interested in your employees. Second, give them exciting opportunities and reward them for their achievements. Last, be a trustworthy and respectable employer or superior. Apply these employee motivation techniques, and you'll see a tremendous improvement in your company's productivity and work environment.

If you can inspire and influence employees to become madly in love with their work, how much will your profits multiply? Double? Triple? Quadruple? Discover employee motivation and persuasion techniques that can easily get employees to do a fantastic job at


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