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Seriousness of Procrastination and its Effects on Others


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Basically, procrastination involves keeping off individuals from doing those things, which require instant attention and deferring them for a specific or unspecific time period. It is something, which most people might have experienced at some period of time or the other in their lives. Although there is no need for worrying about mild procrastination, there are certain situations where its effects on others are serious enough for something to be done about them. Hence, the effects cannot be considered in a light way.

Even majority of psychologists consider having a look on procrastination and its effects on others in a special manner. It is often found that this behavior is a form of coping with anxiety, which is normally related to the ending and beginning of such tasks. When such anxieties result in the postponement of certain tasks, it may so happen that the others too tend to get affected from them. This would not only result in extreme stress but also a guilt feeling in the mind of procrastinator. In addition, it also develops into some sort of a potential crisis in the lives of the affected people.

Various Forms of Procrastination:

Obviously, its effects on others do take variant forms based on the type of people involved and the situation. In the event of those students who get to have undue procrastination, it may so happen that the others which include the teaching staff do get to have undue worries in relation to the performance of the procrastinator. On the contrary, the fellow students may even make fun or scoff at the procrastinator. The reasons for a person procrastinating can be overlooked at a time when procrastination and its effects on localities may be overleaped and gets serious in nature for eliciting substantial responses.

In addition, its effects on others can possibly result in a matter of concern for those procrastinators who could undermine others position through their erratic behaviors. These may involve family, friends and even co-workers who might be wondering on something that they need to be ashamed of. This is mainly because constant procrastination results in some amount of unpleasantness and especially in those cases when it hurts either psychologically or monetarily.

Procrastination Beyond Limits:

Those people who undergo procrastination beyond the permissible limits also get to suffer from disabilities of the mind which leads to others getting concerned. This causes its effects on others a pitiful feeling on a procrastinator, which would eventually result in searching suitable methods of treatment for the hapless and inauspicious people who may have to procrastinate for no real fault of theirs.

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