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"Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between the truth and a lie!"
- Johnny Wimbrey -

If you are to succeed it is vital that you train your brain for success. This is not a difficult task but it requires some uncomfortable self examination. You must determine what thoughts and opinions you hold of yourself that are keeping you from success.

They sound like, “Sometimes I think I am jinxed, " or maybe “I feel like a hamster on a hamster wheel, always running and getting nowhere. " We all hear them in our minds and some of us even say them aloud.

I have made some of them into jokes which I share with people when they ask me how I am doing. It usually gets a laugh but I don't feel better about myself when the conversation is over. I find myself constantly complaining mentally, fighting battles with people that I would never fight in person, and trying to fix non-existent problems. All of these behaviors are connected to what I believe about myself. And they are the things that hold me back.

After you have determined what is holding you back it is important to create a statement to combat each of those things. So for the thought, “I feel like a hamster on a hamster wheel, always running and getting nowhere. " You would say aloud several times a day, “I am working hard toward my goals. "

Of course you must also ask yourself if you actually are working toward your goals and if you aren't make the necessary changes. But if you tell your mind that you are working toward your goals it will start to believe it, and then it will remind you of things you need to do to work toward those goals and you will be much more likely to reach them instead of continuing to run, run, run and miss opportunities for the work you do to count toward something you really want to have happen.

So DO SOMETHING! Make a list of the thoughts that hold you back, and combat each one with an affirmation. Then read that affirmation several times every day, memorize it, say it to yourself every time the negative thought comes to your mind, and watch what happens. I would love to hear your stories of what happened to you as you practice this technique.

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Pamela Wyke is a student at Success University and writes motivational articles for the network marketing audience.

"Create the exciting world that only lives in your imagination now. Make extra money at home and realize your dreams" - Jim Kelly


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