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Fear Of Change | Negative Conformity

Robert Gafeney

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“Negative Conformity“

We Live In An Age now of negative conformity meaning that most people across the world don’t believe anymore and have no faith in their own potential. If they are lucky during these economic times…

they have a Job and unfortunately are still broke and everyday it is the same routine day after day >week after week >year after year and foremost it remains that way until the day they Die….

and it is flat out sad to see people work all their lives and don’t get a chance to enjoy all that FREEDOM has to offer. It seems that 80% + Just exist to make the BILL COLLECTORS “RICH”

and if they can manage to save a little money some unforeseen situation comes up…. and just snatches that right up.

People are frustrated and Honestly the truth be told “Flat Out Tired Of The Struggle !!”

Why Negative Conformity?

Negative Conformity: Most people allow their situation and surroundings to dictate their lives and just go with the flow, or just say it is what it is they conform why?….

……….because that is what 80% + of the population is doing it’s called Follow The Follower and it becomes a endless cycle that can last generations…… Why does this cycle exist? Because of negative conformity of association, the easiest way to explain this is by the Old saying. “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together”…….

Unfortunately being in the wrong situation or association could be devastating, for the ones stuck in the “Rut” who are flat out tired of the struggle and searching for some light at the end of the tunnel…

The sad thing is That Schools do not teach this lesson you are sent out into the world with no knowledge of negative conformity. Some people are fortunate to associate with someone that has been exposed to change and are drown to their philosophy…………

…. but most people live their whole lives with Blinders on wanting to make a change in their life but don’t know how because of tunnel vision from negative conformity… and “FEAR”I know you are wondering what the heck is Robert talking about “FEAR” please continue below.

Fear Of Change | Fear Of The Unknown.

Okay Robert what do YOU mean by Fear Of Change ? “Fear of the unknown”
What I mean by fear of change we get comfortable or better put secure with our current situation and

associations and not realizing that it might be a negative situation due to conformity don’t want to loose that security nor our current associations….

and be labeled as and outcast but just like in AA or NA to change you must change the 3 p’s 1. People 2. Places 3. Things. If you are truly sick and tired of the struggle you are going to have to make some very hard decisions and its true once this is done…

………. you will be traveling to unknown territory and Fear will show it’s ugly face but the key is to take control because YOU are in charge of your own destination! The 1st step to making a change is Attitude……. Please Visit My Next Post Attitude Is Everything….

To Your Success Robert Gafeney

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Beat Your FEAR of CHANGE
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