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Why do we frequently have Jonah complex?


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The majority of us harbor the Jonah complex deeply at out heart. Psychologist analyze that this possibly was because of in our childhood, because own condition limit and was not mature, when faced with many kinds of matter in the heart we were easy to produce the negative thought that “I cannot accomplish that” or “it is beyond by ability to do that” and so on. If the environment has not provided enough sense of security and the opportunities for us to grow up, these thoughts could, after we grow up, continuously follow us. Especially when the chance of success arrives, this psychology displays itself especially obviously. Because success also means the challenge, In order to hold the opportunity for success, one has to make suitable effort, facing unpredictable changes and undertaking the risk of possible failure.

Each individual actually has many opportunities for achieving success, for instance participating in the oratorical contest in the school, campaigning for student association president, or challenging a difficult job. But in front of the opportunity, the most people have chosen to escape. The most important reason lies in the social environment which the people are surrounded by.

Human's behavior is decided by the psychology, but the psychological activity can come under influence of the environment. In many cultures, especially the collectivism culture, to be modest is one kind of moral excellences in particular. Everybody likes “the low key” opinion and behavior, repugnant to or even hostile to people who prefer to show themselves. So-called “the gun hits the person who takes the lead”, “has unbearable chill in a high position”. Therefore, the people stemming from the safe need, often pretend to be modest and hides own real individuality and the idea, but caters to the universal popular viewpoint and the behavior way in the society. So they may also give up the highest possibility by which they can grow up and have lost the edges and corners. Finally, they end up becoming mediocre person.

Facing social strength which is ubiquitous, only the small number of people dares to upset the balance, and dare to confess with and finally overcome their own Jonah complex. They dare to undertake the responsibility and the pressure, finally held the opportunity and have obtained success. On contrary, most people have been limited by this complex and fail to exert their potential to the full. When they arrive at the certain age, they may regret for the courage that they have been lack of during the whole life.

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