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A Quick Guide To Meditation -Guide Meditation Meditation For Beginners Part Two

G S Virk

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Patanjali Yoga Sadhna is the basis of meditation. It includes 55 Sutra in Sanskrit. It contains treasures of science of thought and wisdom of the human spirit. Meditation and Yoga is explained that the depreciation of the movements of thought to the conscious mind. When thoughts to the conscious mind is silent, the mediator becomes aware that the true consciousness. It was announced that when the thought to mind are loose, self-conscious, which is faithful to oneself can not be achieved.

The Quick Guide to Meditation Sutra 26-55 is given below:
Wisdom lit within reach conscious discriminatory seven members should continue to practice yoga in a fully conscious. / 27 /. Wisdom lit interior conscious discriminatory meet the seven members should continue to practice yoga in full consciousness. / 27 /. Meditation on internal autonomy, led to the elimination of impurities and the realization of luminous knowledge, which also leads to the attainment of intelligence and conclusion discriminatory. / 28 /. Restraint and respect cultural and religious posture, withdrawal breath control psychic sense, concentration and meditation and Samadhi attention fixed (unity with the self-employed are internal) of the eight limbs of yoga. / 29 /. Security, Honest, self-restraint from misappropriation, energy of procreation (BRAHMCHARYA), non-greed, is the self - discipline/30 /.

A quick guide to meditation - - Virtues.
The virtues of self-discipline become strong and aware of the world when it is not limited or conditioned - the class to life, the place in space and time. 31 /. Purity, contentment, self-discipline, self-study or meditation and surrender to the inner unity of God are religious observances. / 32 /. The disciplines that are contrary to self-discipline and religious practices affect conscious thought of the mind and cause suffering, pain and doubt. / 33 /. Suspicious knowledge of violence and other similar thoughts can make or caused or permitted the desire, anger and delusion can be mild, moderate or severe. This results in endless pain and lack of spiritual wisdom. Contrary thoughts results in pain and lack of spiritual wisdom. / 34 /.

Once the purity is established in the mind, the hostility is abandoned by him. / 35 /. When honesty is well established, resulting in a powerful action. / 36 /. When self-restraint from misappropriation is strongly confirmed, all the valuables are in it. / 37 /. When the energy of procreation (BRAHMCHARYA) is firmly established, energy and cosmic force is acquired. / 38 /. When freedom of gluttony becomes stable, the knowledge or the illusion of past, present and future all become unfolded. / 39 /. Purity of thought is developed in consciences. / 40 /. When the purity of thought is deeply rooted in the consciousness of concentration spirit, sense of perception and action of the organs of control and adjustment to realize a vision is to have a glimpse of the soul and spiritual wisdom. / 41 /.

A quick guide to meditation - - contentment.
Contentment is the supreme happiness and gains. / 42 /. Auto destroys all the impurities of sense organs of the body and the senses of the mind and ignites the spark of cosmic powers of nature. / 43 /.

Self-study or meditation leads to come into contact with the desired deity. / 44 /. Delivery of devotion to the unity of God in meditation leads to a profound meditation and realization of the cosmic powers of the conscious mind. / 45 /. The posture is firm and unchanging brings pleasure and ease. / 46 /. Stability and ease of posture is reached and took his original form by the lax and unwind with a persevering minimized. / 47 /. From this level of stability, steady and balanced, the breaking of pairs of opposites (duality) has no effect. / 48 /.

A quick guide to meditation - - yoga breathing.
After cessation of breathing and movement of breathing is the breathing of yoga. . / 49 /. The external, internal and stopped breathing movements of yoga are specifically regulated under the control of breathing. / 50 /. When the movement of external and internal breathing becomes effortless, breathing of yoga which is the fourth step of the scale of deep meditation is transcended and won over. / 51 /.

Regulation of breathing yoga destroys the veil that hides the inner light. / 52 /. Subsequently, the mind reaches the ability to concentrate and focus its attention. / 53 /. Removing objects from organs of action and facilitates thinking remove the unconscious in the natural consciousness. / 54 /. Perfection of Yoga breathing reached the highest stage of moderate and controlled state of the sense organs of action and perception. / 55 /.

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