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Photographic Memory Training Exercises


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Photographic memory training exercises are used to develop and improve and individual's memory. Most techniques taught in books focus on the ability to retain and recall information when needed. However, photographic memory training exercises should focus on the learning process, rather than the memorization. It is the learning process that creates links in the mind, allowing it to recall the information at a later time.

There are many common photographic memory training exercises, such as list building, word association (also known as visualization and association) and story telling. These exercises are useful in remembering lists such as birthdays, telephone numbers, or your shopping list.

Whilst there is great controversy regarding the existence of photographic memory, it is without a doubt that these exercises when used, can train the mind to improve on its mental capacity and memory.

The best method that we recommend would be the picture game. This is one that can be adapted to use with children or adults, and the best element of this exercise is that it is fun. This makes it an interesting experience, and people are more likely to remember what they learnt and put it into practice. When working with children, it is also a good suggestion to involve a reward, as this will motivate them to work harder and pay attention to what you are trying to teach.

The Picture Game

This is a fantastic exercise for improving your sensory memory, especially your vision. Start with a simple picture that involves at least a foreground and a background. Study the picture for a minute, then put it away and see how much of it you can recall. For example, what were the people wearing? What colour was the house? How many apples were on the tree? These are simple questions which will inspire you to want to recall everything about the picture, making it a great exercise. With constant practice, you can move on to more complex pictures, and soon you will find yourself on the way towards developing a photographic memory!

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