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Articles about or concerning Memory Training, Tools for Memory Training, Techniques and Strategies for Memorization, Brain Power Programs, Retention Methods, and Memory Improvement.
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Give Your Mind A Boost! Tips On Improving Your Memory

 Carrie Westengate (October 18, 2014)  As part of the normal aging process, people's memories decline. Perhaps some memories are replaced with newer ones but the most marking ones never disappear. By employing the methods in this article, you can slow down memory loss. Playing brain teasers is an excellent method of improving your memory. This concept is much like the way athletes exercise to keep their muscles in shape. .. (Memory Training)

Everything You Needed To Know About Improving Your Memory!

 Carrie Westengate (April 19, 2014)  Memory loss, while a nuisance at times, is not as despairing as portrayed. There are various ideas and options that can help memory loss sufferers. With research, patience, and hard work, you will be able to improve your memory. Give your full attention to what is happening around you. Sometimes you may think that you are listening, while your mind is wandering and letting important .. (Memory Training)

How To Memorize Foreign Vocabulary

 Rod Bremer (December 26, 2011)  Upon experiencing a particular sensation, be it a pleasurable sound, sight or smell, the stimuli is flashed in the sensory regions of the brain. If the brain focused on the stimuli consciously, mainly due to the activity in the thalamus, the sensations registered are then transferred to short term memory storage in the cerebral cortex. The information that is stored in short term .. (Memory Training)

Unusual and unique ways to improve your memory

 Laukijus Barenas (November 23, 2011)  Although with age our memories tend to grow weaker, this is not because something wrong happens to our brains, but because we fail to train memories as we grow older. This is the problem connected with our laziness, not the problem connected with the process of aging. Those that have studied and practiced the science of mnemonics have proven this fact to be true. Even those people who .. (Memory Training)

Libérer son intérieur

 John James (July 05, 2011)  Notre état psychologique se traduit parfois par des signes dont on ne supposerait pas la portée. Par exemple, dans un bon jour, on sera plus communiquant, plus ouvert sur le monde et les autres. On reprendra contact avec des anciens amis et on multipliera les activités et les sorties. Dans un mauvais jour, il se peut qu’on ne laisse rien transparaitre .. (Memory Training)

Memory Games That Can Improve Your Memory

 Greg Frost (June 25, 2008)  "Does memory games really helps to improve your memory" That is a good question to ask. Of course it can! Since young, we have been shoved with plenty of dose of memory games. Even babies play it too! Little did we know that simple memory games could help you to improve your memory, miraculously! Who says that memory games are reserved only for the kiddies? Believe it or not, memory .. (Memory Training)

Find Out What is Your Best Perception Sense and Use it to Improve Your Memory

 Martin Mak (June 23, 2008)  Have you ever entered a room to get something and then forgot why you entered the room for? Have you ever been introduced to someone and forgot the name in less than five minutes? Have you ever been interrupted in the midst of a conversation or presentation and then forgotten where you left off? All of us have experienced such situations of “forgetfulness", some in more severe .. (Memory Training)

How to Sharpen and Improve Your Short Term Memory

 Kevin Sinclair (June 07, 2008)  Short-term, as the wording would suggest is the part of your memory which stores information for a brief duration of time. It is where information which you will not be required to refer to again is kept such as the price of a particular product in the supermarket, for example. The amount of information and the length of time it can be retained in this location depends on the .. (Memory Training)

Memory Development - A Simple Exercise to Improve Your Memory

 Robert Deveau (May 20, 2008)  I have mentioned in previous articles, that there is no such thing as a good and bad memory just a trained or untrained one. Here is an exercise that you can do to help you build your photographic memory. Do this whenever you need to do some shopping for just a few things. It is called the “body list" and it is very effective. Instead of putting your list on paper with a pen, you . (Memory Training)

Trying To Improve Your Memory - What are the Best Games To Play?

 Derek Carroll (April 25, 2008)  Memory loss is a very serious complaint with many people these days. It is a term which is given to an abnormal degree of forgetfulness or an inability to be able to recall past events. It may have either a sudden or gradual onset, and it can be temporary or permanent. There are many different causes of memory loss. Pregnancy and aging are two very common causes, but just because there . (Memory Training)

Memory Training and Improvement - Why People Fail to Improve Their Memory

 Ruslan M. (April 15, 2008)  It seems that there are so many ways to improve memory and get memory skills. If that is the case, then why do so many people fail to improve their memory? It seems illogical. We have access to so many different books, CDs, software, supplements, pills, games. . . but really, how many people have actually managed to improve memory with them? How many have improved their memory .. (Memory Training)

Fun and Free Games to Improve Your Memory

 Liz Jones (March 13, 2008)  Do you have a good memory? If I asked you what your bank account number was or your credit card number would you be able to recall them without looking ??? I have a memory like an elephant (so my husband says, but that's a different story) but the secret really is practice. Take for instance the 16 digit card number across your cash card, the way to remember it with ease is to break it .. (Memory Training)

Photographic Memory Training Exercises

 Greg Frost (March 03, 2008)  Photographic memory training exercises are used to develop and improve and individual's memory. Most techniques taught in books focus on the ability to retain and recall information when needed. However, photographic memory training exercises should focus on the learning process, rather than the memorization. It is the learning process that creates links in the mind, allowing it to .. (Memory Training)

Why Is Memory Training Important?

 C S Liner (February 26, 2008)  Do you ever wonder why you can't remember things? Does you memory fail you? Maybe you find it difficult to remember people's names and addresses or even simply where you put your car keys! Have you ever considered memory training may actually be of benefit to you? . Unfortunately not all of us are born with eidetic memory, which is a fancy way of saying photographic or complete memory .. (Memory Training)

How To Improve Your Memory

 Kevin Sinclair (February 25, 2008)  Most of us have had problems with our memory at different times in our lives and in different ways. However, it is an interesting fact that we can remember some things vividly while at the same time having a very real problem remembering others. This can be used to our advantage, however, by giving us an idea of how to improve our memory overall. If we can identify the reasons why we .. (Memory Training)

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