The Need To Be Right

Linda Salazar

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I’m often amazed at the amount of energy people use when needing to be right about something, especially when it all boils down to each person’s belief around the subject they’re discussing. Yesterday I was standing in a very long line at the grocery store and the conversation that was taking place between the two women behind me had me smiling to myself and excited that they were giving me material for my next newsletter.

They were discussing some political issues. What was so intriguing to me was how they went from a friendly, casual conversation sharing their opinions, to one of hostility, very much needing to prove the other wrong and their self, right. It got to the point where other shoppers started looking at them in amazement and when the two women noticed this they cut the conversation off.

This really brought my attention to how often we feel the need to be right no matter what the circumstances or even the consequences sometimes. Our egos can become so enmeshed in the moment that it can feel like we’re defending our life and we no longer hear anything the other person is saying. The amount of emotional energy that is exerted can be enormous and turn a good day into a rotten day all in the name of being right.

The truth is we are all human Spirits viewing the world through our own filter systems and because of that, there are, and always will be, varying degrees of beliefs and opinions. We are all on different points of our paths and depending how far apart those points are will often determine how easily our feathers get ruffled by someone else’s beliefs.

As a mother of a 17 year old, it is my intention to let go of the need to be right every time my son and I don’t agree on something. Now understand, I said it is my intention, because there are times when that feels almost impossible and I end up falling short of my intention. However, what I’ve felt when I succeed with my intention is an enormous amount of freedom and peace inside. What I’ve seen, is a relationship that continues to grow closer each and everyday and a young man who is starting to let go of needing to be right too.

Take a look at your own life and see when and under what circumstances you find yourself needing to be right to the point of becoming aggravated with the other person. Do you ever get so fed up that you’ll walk away only to go to someone else and retell the event so that person agrees with you and makes you right? You’d be amazed how often this can happen without being consciously aware of doing it.

When an opportunity presents itself, make a conscious decision to not have to be right and see what happens. Allow people to have their say and consider it an interesting perspective instead of one that is all wrong and just plain ignorant. Let them know it’s an interesting way to see something. Tell them you never thought of it that way. It doesn’t matter that you don’t agree with what they’re expressing. I’ve done this hundreds of times with people and what often happens is they are more open to hear what your thoughts are and both parties end up actually learning something from each other.

Letting go of the need to be right can truly transform your relationships and bring you a great deal of inner peace. Play with it. Test the waters and see what unfolds for you and all the relationships you encounter in your life.

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