Giving Encouragement on the Paintball Field

Roger Carr

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My 12 year old son and 2 of his friends competed as a team in one of their first paintball tournaments this weekend. They were considerably younger and inexperienced than any of the other teams. However, several people participating in the tournament did some amazing things to encourage this young team.

  • A paintball gun one of the boys was using stopped working properly during the tournament. A participant loaned his guns so all 3 boys could continue to compete as a team in the tournament.
  • Several of the referees and competitors from the other teams said words of encouragement to the boys throughout the day.
  • As participants watched the team play each game, they would tell them tips on how they could improve.
  • The result of this encouragement had several positive outcomes.

  • The boys improved with each game they played. The encouragement and tips helped them play a better game.
  • Instead of feeling defeated after a loss, they discussed what worked and what needed improving. It would have been easy to feel winning was hopeless and give up. The encouragement and tips provided by others kept them motivated.
  • They won their final game!
  • They are looking forward to participating in future paintball tournaments.
  • Are you encouraging others? You don't have to be a paintball expert to encourage someone. You can encourage anyone, anywhere. Think about a person you know that could use some support or motivation. Think about the best way you can do it. It might be providing a listening ear, some encouraging words, a handwritten note, or some help regarding a need he or she might have. Whatever it is, don't put off doing it. Make a difference in someone's life today.

    To learn more ways to give, go to and sign up for the free Everyday Giving ezine. Be a philanthropist by giving everyday to others. Roger Carr is the founder of Everyday Giving . His life purpose is to help people help others.


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