Are You Content With Your Professional Profile? Five Ways to Buff Your Web Guru Shine


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Clean shirt, new shoes
And I don’t know where I am goin’ to.
Silk suit, black tie,
I don’t need a reason why.
They come runnin’ just as fast as they can
‘Coz every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.

- ZZ Top

ZZ Top and the Fashion Police aren't lying. If you want to make people buy from you, you have got to start looking ultra-professional. Ever see a sales page featuring testimonials from goofy looking dudes with messy hair and scrappy tee shirts? Would you buy from these people? Hell, no! Check these five ways to Buff Your Web Guru Shine so People Will Pay You The Fees You Deserve.

1. Update Your Photo.

Ditch that shot of you at the family picnic. Get a professional photo taken where you'll be bathed in flattering light with your hair just so and that crisp attire that says “Power Marketer, Baby. " On a budget? Try a photoshoot taken by a good friend who knows how to use a digital camera.

2. Refresh Your Author Bio.

Log in to your favorite article website and take a good look at your author profile. What's it say? Does the message reflect your current offering, or is it still advertising yesterday's tired old news? When appropriate, entice your readers to a web page that tells your story and includes live links of websites where they can re-route to discover the “you" that best matches what they want to read.

3. Fix Your Logo.

Trying to portray sleek and savvy, but your web logo says “Romper Room?" Too many colors, cartoon-like fonts, too bright, too busy. These are all things you MUST CORRECT if you want to be a sharp-dressed web marketer with a hot logo that tells the story. Call a real designer who achieve that look you want - and if he doesn't, ditch him.

4. Get a Tagline.

"Terrestrial" marketers have been using logos and taglines to brand themselves for centuries. Brainstorm a unique one-liner that distinguishes your business from the rest. Make it catchy, something that people will want to repeat over and over. After the line, share your URL and make sure it's clickable. Finally tell the customer what to do: “Click here for more information. "

5. Put it All Together.

Giant corporations leave their signature stamp behind on everything they touch - their billboards, magazine ads, TV commercials, phone book listings, menus. You need to do this in your web travels, too. Leave your sign-off, URL and call-to-action wherever you roam - blogs, articles posts, emails. Every single Power Marketer on the web does this and it's what you should be doing, no question about it.

Okay - so we've covered the basics of your “marketing appearance makeover. " We both have a lot of work to do, so let's go buff that shine.

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.

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Are You Content With Your Web Articles? 5 Ways to Dominate Your Niche With Copy .
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