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In Business, You need to Lead and Motivate

Motivation is often one of the hardest skills to learn in leadership. The title of leader can be given but it needs to be earned in the eyes of the team before respect is awarded. So ultimately, what makes a leader?

A Leader Demonstrates a Number of Traits

Many less-experienced and first-time managers think that leadership is telling everyone what to do. Fear of punishment is a short term solution, but you will find that it doesn't enable the team to display excellent behavior.

Other managers try to do everything themselves. Although things get done, it is very inefficient. It is like learning to type with two fingers (hen pecking); it is slow, but can be accurate. If you have learned to type properly, every finger knows where the keys are. Speed and accuracy improve and your hands move as a team. Think how motivating that is!

Displaying empathy is a key leadership trait. Understanding what your staff need and want is an important skill. This enables you to determine who should do which tasks and why they will do a great job. Learn this motivating skill and your team will succeed.

Ensure you reward good behavior and help the staff learn from mistakes. A good leader expects mistakes and demonstrates restraint when shows the best-practices. It is great to let your team participate in the planning for success. Allowing for feedback may even show you a better way to perform the task!

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