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Timeless Wisdom For Modern Leaders - Lead Through Change

Per Winblad

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Universally acknowledged as one of the world's wisest leaders, King Solomon, applied leadership principles that are as relevant and powerful today as they were in his own time. This article examines the importance of leading through change.

Lead Through Change

Wise leaders are always preparing themselves and their group to meet the future. They create a positive and optimistic approach to support themselves and others.

King Solomon, a leader synonymous with wisdom, says: “The intelligent man is always open to new ideas. In fact, he looks for them. ”

To learn how to lead is largely a matter of getting acquainted with the development we are a part of, constantly seeking knowledge and new information that will move things forward.

Development takes place all the time. We are in a never-ending process of transitioning from yesterday, to today and towards tomorrow. The world is changing physically, socially, and economically at this very minute. When we recognize that life itself is about development, our task becomes to creatively resolve the various situations we encounter and to see things in new and different ways.

We can all count on situations where we will experience adversities, difficulties or problems. But by accepting change as a natural part of life and leadership, we are taking important steps towards renewal. In effect, we are setting ourselves up to learn more of life’s exciting journey.

Solomon tells us, “A man who refuses to admit his mistakes can never be successful. But if he confesses and forsakes them, he gets another chance. ”

Wise leaders realize that success is right on the other side of perceived failures. They see failure as a part of the process of development and as an opportunity to gain experience and to learn. They are constantly asking new questions, and that opens up new perspectives.

Failures contribute to the discovery of weaknesses. Then our analysis of what occurred makes it possible for us to gain support, practice, and learn so we can strengthen what was weak. So, even if this sounds rather strange, we actually learn more from failure than success.

Wise leaders consider adversity as temporary information on how far they have come on their journey. Using adversity, they mobilize people to gain new energy and power for the next step.

They examine perceived failure for the learning inherent in it, and they communicate in a way that produces positive energy in their group, thus building an incentive to take even stronger action.

Solomon tells us, “The swiftest person does not always win the race, nor the strongest man the battle. Wise men are often poor, and skillful men are not necessarily famous. ”

Wise leaders realize that – as many say – life is not fair. We are sometimes struck unfairly by losses, which may be heavy burdens to bear.
But even when we suffer considerable losses, we still have something most valuable left, something that no loss can take away: The freedom and power to choose how we will respond to life situations and events, and how we intend to address other people we encounter along the way.

Next to life itself, the power of choice is our greatest gift. Wise leaders choose to respond constructively to life events and situations. They choose to turn the negative into something positive and learn from it. They choose to be grateful for life’s trials – which they view only as opportunities for learning.

We all have access to that power within us. We have to accept life as it is and balance what we receive against that which we expect, so we always will maintain a positive movement forward.

Solomon tells us, “Don’t you know that this good man, though you trip him up seven times, will each time rise again?”

Wise leaders draw strength from setbacks and learn from failures.
They realize that trials make people to grow, that the suffering teaches us patience and patience develops internal strength and character. We mature.
They know that the more experience they gain and the more setbacks they overcome the better and stronger leaders they will become.

Therefore, they are working hard on themselves and their groups to look at every situation from newer and greater perspective. They retain the view that gives them the strength and energy to proceed with commitment and interest.

We are especially important for each other, to support each other in such an approach.

Solomon tells us, “Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow – perhaps it all will. ”

During challenging periods, wise leaders focus on short-term objectives and progress, and they strengthen initiative and the ability to act.

Accomplishing small steps gives encouragement to go further and strengthen the group’s self-confidence and sense of being successful.

Each day, step-by-step dealing with and resolving opportunities, information, and issues that we are facing, brings forward the best in us. This is how we grow!

Solomon tells us, “Look straight ahead; don’t even turn your head to look. ”

Wise leaders teach themselves and their group to identify the focus of concern—that which they can directly affect and that which they can affect in a process forward.

They continue with determination to gather experience, which they then turn into wisdom. They renew their group’s cultures and in this way build the new society. Wise leaders feel the deep pleasure and the call to create the new, better, and greater.

To become a wiser leader:

• View life as a constant process of development.

• View perceived setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow.

• Balance what you receive against what you expect.

• Help your group to analyze in all the different situations what they did well, what could be developed further, and how others have done.

• Focus on short-term objectives and progress in tough periods, which creates energy and positive ambition to keep moving in the face of adversity.

• Know that the situation is never as bad as it seems and never as good as it can be.

Per Winblad, founder of Motivation Consultant Inc. , a well-respected international training firm, is recognized as one of Sweden's leading management coaches and an experienced leader in achieving leadership excellence. He is the author of the award winning leadership book “The Wisdom of Leadership". To find out more and get a free inspiring video, visit


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