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Gold Medal Leadership - The 7 Keys of Effectiveness

Laura Watson

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How can I be a Gold Medal leader?

I recently heard Cassie Campbell, captain of Canada's Olympic gold winning women's hockey team share her ideas for bringing out our inner power;

1) Learn from challenges: our challenges represent our greatest opportunities to learn and grow. Our challenges keep us from becoming complacent, they help us feel alive and they represent the “bigger game" for us to play in our life.

2) Be responsible for your actions: be accountable when no one is watching. We want to point fingers when something goes wrong. As business owners, the buck stops with us. We are responsible for everything. This also means we have the power to make anything happen!

3) Get out of your comfort zone: staying in our comfort zone feels safe and prevents us, and our business from growing. Embrace scary opportunities when they show up. Create a support network that encourages you to stretch yourself so you and your business can grow into its potential.

4) Have fun! We can choose how we want to view our circumstances. Physiologically, fear and excitement feel the same in our body. When the scary feelings show up, choose to view them as exciting. By doing this, building your business feels fun!

5) Believe in being a contribution: how do you and your business make a difference in the world? Profit is exciting and paramount to our sustainability. But profit feels empty when we are not connected to how we are contributing to our families, our communities and the world at large.

6) Prepare: the secret to success is to prepare better than anyone else. Building a business is not rocket science. It requires us to do our homework, plan our actions and follow through. These are simple, yet often ignored steps that make THE difference between growing a successful business and “flying by the seat of your pants".

7) Communication: effective communication reduces stress. Learn to use accountable language and to problem solve with others in ways that create win-wins. There are many books that teach these simple, yet imperative skills for successful business.

These principals are fundamental, but living them on a daily basis is challenging! The only way to successfully integrate these ideas is to commit to their daily practice. It's not enough to think about these ideas, try them once in awhile and give up. Consistent, daily practice is the key to authentically expressing your power within. Cassie got gold for practicing these ideas every day, and so can we!

If you want to make conscious change towards what you say is most important and having someone hold you accountable to it would help, please call Venture Coaching at 877-669-8684 or learn more at: We offer a free 2 hour coaching session to qualified inquiries.


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