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Water As Leadership Philosophy


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Gede Prama (1996) states that his leadership philosophy is a leadership with water logic. Water is a flexible thing. People put it easily. Water is also smart to adjust its shape in facing the other things. It is a very interesting character of water. For the needed, water will fulfill the higher level's after it fulfill the minor's needed.

A leadership with stone logic style will show more distinctions than similarities. This kind of logic prefers to apply the violence to the negotiation. It is the reason why a country with the stone logic leadership will gain many riots.

As the opponent, we can see the water logic. First, we see the water in a river. There are many elements to make an ecosystem of river. There are; the water, stones, soils, plants or trees, grasses. All of them have a solid unity like a stitching. Each of them understand, adjust, and fill each other. The water's basic character signs to all leaders that a nation's harmony will present when the leader always performs to unite the people. Then, he does not make any dissimilarity and fault to his people or staffs.

The water's ability to make an approved adaptation in every place is an interesting side of water's basic character. The water also never loose, but it never has an ambition to loose the other elements around it. Although the water has those characters, but it still has firmness. With its firmness, the water always moves to achieve its target. It flows through the other things without making any confrontation.

Here, water philosophy teaches us-as a human about the importance of the persuasive and compromise leadership. We do the leadership without throwing our ambitions, even fighting for the individual importance.

Let us see the flow of water at the river. Each flow goes to the most basic target. It will stop moving after it fills all space in the most basic area. This basic characteristic reminds us, as a leader, that we have to side with the low-level people. This kind of leader states that the leader should notice the needed of the low-level people at the first time, before he notices the upper level people.

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