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Family And Work Leadership Tips

Harry R. G. Becker

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There are many definitions of leadership. The one that this article is all about is this, leadership is getting people to do good things that they ordinarily would not have done by themselves without your encouragement and direction.

To begin every request as a leader, SMILE and and say I love you, (for the right reasons) under your breath, that is, not audibly, to every human that you meet daily by phone, letter, and in person. You will not believe how favorably you are received. Try it for the next 30 days.

When things are asked of you as the leader, try not to instantly say no. Instead, say I think that can work but first, you will need to do, and then list what you believe would merit granting that request. It is presupposed here that you have the authority to make such a statement. If not, simply say that you will pass the request on and let them know when you have done that. Saying no to the asker is a negative and demotivating to him or her. Responding as mentioned earlier does exactly the opposite. It motivates and shows that you as the leader have care, concern, and compassion for the expressed needs and wants of those who you are in charge of leading.

As a designated leader, you have basically two ways to lead. Lead by accepting conditions as they exist or accepting the responsibility for changing them. If that change is for the positive for all concerned, every effort on your part should be to lead in that direction. Always remember too that the definition of the “Golden Rule" that the world holds for the most part is, those who have the gold, make the rules. The Scriptural definition is, do to others as you would have them do to you. The latter way will let you sleep well at night and give you peace of mind rather that a life filled with constant stress.

If time permits, explain why you are asking what you are asking of someone. If there isn't time to do that, simply say that you will explain the why later and then find the time to do exactly that. Remember to always do what you say you are going to do. Having people do things because you are their Boss and you say so is effective to a certain degree but it reduces moral instead of producing consistently improving and happy relationships between the leaders and those being led.

As the leader, always focus on what others want and need first. This will show them that you genuinely care for them by your listening and hearing what they ask of you. What you make happen for them is what opens the door to having your needs and wants answered and fulfilled. In other words do for them if possible what they ask without always expecting something back from them in return. You rewards in life will come based on the size and number of problems that you solve for other people. This one point alone, when daily applied, will unmistakably produce huge rewards for all concerned.

Here is another major suggestion. Decide that you are going to take action right now to do what it takes to make it happen and believe that it will happen. If you need lots more money and do not already have your own home-based business, get an outstanding one right away. Put your pride on a shelf because you cannot do everything in life by yourself. Ask and you will receive the help that you need.

God bless you with an overflowing abundance of good health, love, happiness, success, prosperity, and a bright new future and lifestyle that you will allow yourself to have.

I am helping people across the USA & Canada to activate their new lifestyle of Fun, Wealth, Travel, & Bright Future through having their own successful, fun to run, Online, home-based business. Tens of thousands of happy people are already enjoying these benefits; you can too. FREE details & help for the asking at the HOME PAGE button at: , (Harry R. G. Becker, Founder. 817-491-9834;


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Management and Leadership - The 3 Cs of Work Life Balance
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