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We live and die by them. They may affect every aspect of our lives through the happenstance of one small event. Some of us tend to make good choices and then there are those of us who generally make bad choices. The choices that we make can have an impact on our lives and the lives of those that we are closest to for the rest of our time. I am speaking of ethical and moral choices. I am not speaking of errors that are determined by such things as spelling errors or mathematical mistakes. Since before Cain walked out of Eden and produced progeny we have made choices that may not have happy results. Examine the first part of Genesis and determine the lineage of Adam after Abel had been slain by Cain. It seems that Eve had experienced a fling with the devil.

I have made my share of bad choices. I make them every day of my life. How do you minimize them? It is evident that we are surrounded by good and evil. There are spirits and ghost sightings experienced by many people of various back grounds all over the world. The people that we love are sometimes unintentionally possessed by demonic spirits. Teenagers are sometimes the victims of demon possession because they are in a state of metamorphosis. The use of drugs and alcohol in our society leaves the door wide open for entity possession.

Before my mother died, I had her over for a visit to our home. She was in the late stages of a disease. She had experienced stress and trauma related to her disease for the better part of that day. After taking my mom home to her care giver, I returned to the same room in my home and gazed upon the chair where she had sat for the many previous hours. I witnessed a vision of my father, who had been deceased for several years, standing over the chair where my mother had sat. He was moving slowly as if he had been immersed in water. His gaze shifted from side to side as if he was looking for his wife. After the death of my mother in law, my wife smelled her mother's perfume around the house for months.

My daughter experienced the same smell while driving in her car. She told me of strange happenings going on at her house. An example that she cited would be the the fog coming up off of her couch. The cold spots in the house and the figure that my grand son had witnessed. In the minutes before my wifes’ grandmothers’ death, her uncle had witness his deceased father's hand embracing his wife's hand and exclaiming that it was time for her to go home. The sighting of a figure that was seen by my son in law and not experienced by those in close proximity to him. The experience related to me by a family friend of witnessing horned beasts before going into a coma and missing the toll of death by a heart beat. The eye witness accounts of evil beings in human form experienced by my sister and brother in law. The felt presence of evil that had been dogging my family for months.

Ask God to help you. One method is to obtain a container of olive oil and through prayer and intercession anoint the thresholds of your entrance doors with that substance. Through the use of the sweat lodge, I had asked for God's protection. Within the period of a few hours, I had witnessed the cause of the attempts at my family's existence and demise. Through prayer I asked for the demon to present himself and asked for help in the name of Jesus Christ to banish the spirit from our lives. After several ceremonies before and after the sweat lodge, I became aware and glorified in the knowledge that the evil one had been distanced from my family's lives. I work on this problem of separating good and evil from my family's lives on a daily basis.

Always offer prayers to God and ask for power over evil through the power of Jesus Christ. Smudging techniques can also be used. If you suspect that the evil ones have been brought into your house or lives by a friend or family member, initiate measures that have been used by the native Americans for centuries. Light the sacred sage and let the smoke clear and cleanse the area of evil spirits. Begin your ceremony and make your intentions known to God. Burn the sweet grass to introduce and bring into the area the good spirits. I believe that the good spirits mentioned by the indigenous cultures are referring to the angels of God.believe that we are in the age of the fig tree. The anti Christs’ return to earth in human form is imminent. For those that care, readiness and preparation should be undertaken. The fight will continue until our savior returns from the east and Jesus Christ initiates the fulfillment of the scriptures. The prophesies will be fulfilled and we will be changed in the twinkling of an eye.

Indian prophesies predict that a change is near for the people of the earth. The white buffalo has lost all three legs and the fourth leg is disappearing. We have choices. The negative choices made by modern man are directly determining his future. In the legend of the buffalo calf woman the changeling showed her people how to address the importance of the pipe and how to pray to their creator. Different peoples of the world seem to have versions of the same events. We are all governed by the great God and our longevity in time is determined by His forgiving sweet mercy.

Stephen Graham-Writes articles about things in his life and his hobbies, hunting and fishing.


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