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As we've reached the half way point of the year I'm thinking this might be a good time to pull up and evaluate things. Look back over the first 6 months, and look ahead to the upcoming days and months. Get some clarity. You know?

Ask ourselves some questions. Get some answers. This is also a good time to switch gears. Reach into your reserve tank a little and take the pace of things up a notch. Plan and do some of those things that you've been putting off until later. Well, it's later.

I kind of had a recurring set of questions thundering around the cavernous space in my head this past week (hey, no laughing. . . ). You know, just kind of got stuck on them. Couldn't get rid of them until I finally provided me with some answers. The answers helped a lot with clarity. Thought I might share them with you. If you answer them for yourself maybe they'll do the same for you. So here they are.

Where do you stand? What do you stand for? What's going to be your legacy 20 years after you're gone? What will the world remember you for? Nothing? Something? What?

Kind of goofy I know but knowing the answers to these questions sure helps me cruise through distractions. Helps me to make better, more focused decisions. And besides, we all know the best way to predict the future is to create it. First in our minds then in the realities of our daily life. We all know that right? Thought so.

You see, all day everyday you're writing a book. It's called Your Life.

Make it worth reading. Make it worth noting. Really make it The Greatest Story Ever Told. REALLY!

"It's time you went out and did something great. "

Rats, is it time to go already? I was just getting warmed up.

Today, this week, the rest of the year- Do More, Be More, Have More.

Live some. Love some. Learn some. Everyday.

C. . .

Clyde Lee Dennis, a. k. a. “SmoothLee" has been bumping around on the web since 1999 and is a self described “Web Head, and Life long AVID music fan". Smooth Jazz Music in particular. In addition to writing CD Reviews for I Love Smooth he is also the Program Director, and can be heard during his daily radio show which airs on one of the internets most listened to smooth jazz radio stations, Smooth Jazz 24/7


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