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Back to our youth days, we were taught that by being discipline and studying hard we would get good grades and would surely pass the school without failure. Therefore, as a kid we tried our best to work well in studying instead of keep playing out with neighbor kids.

When we’re grown up, we once again would choose. We have to choose what kind of job we would do, what kind of lifestyle we would have, what kind of friends we prefer to hang out with……. etcetera etcetera.

All the decision would give us consequences as well as results…. .be it good or bad ones. But when it turned to be bad, we would likely regret not choosing the opposite……

Knowing that there are possibly bad results at the end, we often get scared to make a decision. We’re afraid of making a bad choice.

But do we really try to know and understand every circumstance that put us to making decision? Do we really listen to our heart saying? Do we really care to our inner need?

At many times we neglect those questions to be answered. We simply do not realize them.

Regardless with what kind of choices we make, it is best to learn every consequence we get. Try to accept that everything happens is a matter of applying our choice in life. This way, we can understand our strengths and weaknesses; we will also learn that we can change our life if we want to. But of course, the change we want will need time to happen. Coz we need to go trough a step-by-step process, which is choosing.

Do not be afraid of making false choices. Coz from those false choices we will learn more about ourselves as long as we open our eyes and ears to get to know what really happens. Learn from our mistakes fairly so that you won’t get trapped in skeptical and negative mind. Finally, let yourself keep moving on…:-)

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