Giving It Your Best - The William Hung "American Idol" Success Story

Josh Hinds

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Never underestimate the power that comes from following your passion. It never ceases to amaze me what can happen when we put action to work for us and go after the things that we hold a true desire for. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the story of William Hung ( or not.

William was a contestant on the reality TV show, American Idol. Incidentally, I should tell you I don't generally watch the show. I just don't particularly enjoy how at times the host breaks folks down in a sometimes-embarrassing way. In my humble opinion a person's dream deserves more then simply trying to crush them in a mean spirited way. Please don't email me giving me a hard time about this :-). I'm not saying at all that it's not a show worth watching. I'm just expressing my own personal opinion. With that said back to William's story. . .

So keeping in mind that I didn't originally see the show, a funny thing started happening. . . I began hearing talk of this one contestant who after being told he couldn't sing, nor dance, replied, “I have tried my best, and I have no regrets. " Whoa! Now if that isn't inspiring, I don't know what is.

Interestingly enough, William's story doesn't end there. Not by a long shot - since appearing on the show he has become quite well known both online and off, singing and doing appearances. He's got a website, and I've heard he's even signed a deal to offer a CD of his own.

No one knows for sure where William's story will end, but one thing is clear, even if he doesn't make it big in his particular dream of being a singer, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that we are going to see him achieving big in the future. William, congrats to you for having the courage to set out and pursue your dreams. In doing so you've shown us that our dreams are worth taking a chance on. . . Yours in success, Josh Hinds

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